The expert warns against a certain type of mask

A microbiologist at the University of Hong Kong made the statement after examining a hotel where quarantine is being carried out and where a guest is likely to have infected someone in an adjacent room. Corona Virus. The authorities are trying to find out how this happened.

Bad mask?

Surveillance recordings show that a man previously diagnosed with the infection typically used a mask with a filter and valve when he ate meals at the room’s doorstep and left the trash there. According to Lewin, this increased the risk of air pollution for a neighbour.

– This kind of face mask is selfish. Yuen said they filter the air during the inhale, but when the air is exhaled through the valve, it is not filtered, which is not good. He recommended the use of surgical masks.

An injured man sometimes appears at the open door, even without a mask, but the South China Morning Post, published on Tuesday, noted.

They are fully vaccinated

Both infected people were fully vaccinated against COVID-19. Because of the infection in the hotel, another 12 people staying on the same floor have to extend the quarantine for another 14 days.

The Hong Kong authorities, such as the central government of the People’s Republic of China, adhere to the rule “Zero Covid” and maintaining strict entry restrictions, including a 21-day quarantine obligation for most visitors. In recent weeks, they have tightened the rules even more, in an effort to persuade Beijing to ease travel between Hong Kong and mainland China.

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