Pull the crowd: “I won’t give up,” says Rita Baga

An event highlighting drag culture is taking place at the Palais des Congrès de Montreal this weekend, which will help debunk prejudices.

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According to Rita Baga, the event takes on its full meaning this year, with increasing tolerance towards people with disabilities and numerous demonstrations against the teaching of gender ideology.

“It’s okay to resist. If there is a backlash in the rights of sexual and gender diverse communities, I find it very scary and scary because our presence is not a brake on you,” she reveals.

He calls on his detractors not to focus on the fate of drag queens: “I will not give up.”

Organizers are happy that demonstrations were not held outside the exhibition grounds.

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A spokesperson for “Rendez-vous de la drag” admitted that there were many concerns before the start of the event.

“This is sure to be a stinker for the protesters […] There is a drag scene now. It is one of the most vibrant in America. Montreal’s drag scene is recognized. We want to show the public that the art of drag is for everyone,” underlines Yannick Broulet.

On Sunday evening the “Rendez-vous de la Drac” will conclude with an awards ceremony and an exhibition.

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