Here's what to expect when it comes to storytelling in the final week of District 31

There are only a few days left until the final District 31! What awaits you in the storyline for the final week!

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While some may choose to bow down and enjoy a decent pension, Yves still has time to think about doing it. He is determined to complete his mission as a police officer. After the shocking revelations about his father, Patrick does everything he can to help Olivier. The 31 team has done a good job, but now that it can not be said, Melanie is worried about other cases going to court. She discusses it with the group, and Daniel tries to reassure her. On the last day of the District 31 post, it was the weekend. For all the staff, a day full of emotions …

Dedicated special projects District 31

Three special events will highlight the monster victory District 31. After the Grand Final, Jean-Rene Dufford will host an hour-long edition.Infoman (Thursday 7:30 pm) This will include 30 minutes of surprise content on Commander Siason’s team. This will be followed by a 90 minute special broadcast at 8.30pm good evening! With famous newspaper artists and artisans. Finally, Sunday night at 7:30, the show District 31: Behind the Scenes Will be provided.

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