PS5 Slim instead of a big announcement.  The mystery of the dark joke has been solved

We’ve learned the truth about PlayStation Japan’s latest mysterious teaser. The company’s subsidiary of Land of the Rising Sun has teamed up with the King Gnu team, producing new advertising materials for the PS5.

In October, the Japanese manufacturer officially presented a thinner and lighter version of the PlayStation 5, which can be supplemented with a disc drive. Thanks to a video of the equipment being dismantled, we got a look at some of the changes used by Japanese engineers. The new version of the console can already be ordered on PlayStation Direct in the first markets, and the marketing teams have begun to promote the device intensively.

More text below the video

A few days ago, we were watching a mysterious announcement from the Japanese PlayStation team – some gamers were hoping that we would soon see at least simple announcements about the manufacturer’s plans. The sketches provided suggested a collaboration with popular music band King Gnu, which was quickly confirmed.

The latest materials promote the PlayStation 5 Slim – Right after presenting several intense scenes of King Gnu’s team members transforming into a mechanical giant, we get a look at brief shots of the slimmer console. For collaboration purposes, a new song called “Asura” was created, and the whole event was once again signed with the famous PlayStation slogan – “Play Has no Limits”.

Below you will see the entire video and the effects of the team’s work.

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