DXOMARK Camera Test.  King of the new order

If you think that the ranking of cameras in DXOMARK smartphones is a big nonsense, and one of your arguments is the average results of Google Pixel smartphones in the tests of this site, now you can change your mind. Google Pixel 7 Pro turns out to be the best photo smartphone according to DXOMARK.

Many ManiaKów are still wondering Which phones have the best cameras?. There are many answers, and I hear often that Google’s Pixel models are unparalleled in this aspect.

Interestingly, their photographic abilities were usually not much appreciated by the DXOMARK team. In their ranking, the Pixels were in high positions, but were slightly lower than the leaders.

Even if this is an argument for some people that DXOMARK tests should not be taken lightly. Maybe their opinion will change with the fact that the latest Google Pixel 7 Pro Become the king of the new arrangement!

Google Pixel 7 Pro has the best smartphone camera according to DXOMARK

Google Pixel 7 Pro: DXOMARK Camera Test

DXOMARK took the Google Pixel 7 Pro and its camera to the workshop. Let me remind you that it consists of a main unit 50 megapixels (1/1.31″, 1.2μm, OIS), 12MP ultra-wide angle lens 126° field of view 48MP telephoto lens with 5x optical zoom.

In the DXOMARK camera test, the Google Pixel 7 Pro scored a total of 147 points, making it the new leader of DXOMARK. It takes its place alongside the Honor Magic4 Ultimate, both of which are slightly ahead of the Apple iPhone 14 Pro.

Interestingly, in none of the proven aspects of the Pixel 7 Pro, it turned out to be the best by far. However, he got very high and equal grades in every category, which allowed him to It will become the best optical smartphone in the world according to DXOMARK.

Current Ranking of DXOMARK's Best Photographed Phones

Current ranking of the best DXOMARK photo phones / as of 10/13/2022

What is the Pixel 7 Pro’s camera? For a consistent using experience in all possible conditions, excellent focus, good zoom, effective stabilization, or excellent selfies.

However, there are no perfect phones. Testers noted that the Pixel 7 Pro had some issues with rendering video in difficult conditions or a slight loss of detail when zoomed in.

Perhaps the Google Pixel 7 Pro at the top of the DXOMARK rating will not convince those who are not convinced to test this foundation, but perhaps none of us will have any doubts about it The Google flagship has a great camera. as always.

note In one of the most important markets in the world, customers are crazy about Pixel 7 smartphones:

In this market, they were quick to use the new pixels. Even Google didn’t believe it


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