PS5 Slim in a real “small” version.  The updated PlayStation 5 is impressive

An updated version of the PS5 has arrived on the market, commonly referred to as the “Slim” due to its slightly smaller dimensions, but it should be remembered that Sony plans to replace the first PlayStation 5 model with hardware in the future. However, I wanted to see what exactly a “mini PS5” would look like – and it’s a project worth checking out.

The author of the channel Not From Concentrate faced the challenge of creating a smaller PS5, but he did not aim to slightly update the look of the console, but rather developed a very small device that could probably be placed in the homes of many gamers.

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You will see in the video how the creator of the Internet created the subsequent elements – From the chassis, to reducing the cooling, changing the power supply, updating the SSD port, and even the charger that was integrated with the PlayStation 5 itself, and in the end, the size of the equipment turned out to be only twice the size of the DualSense controllers, which shows not only its size, but Also work huge spending.

“Tiny PS5” (as the author himself called the console) received an external drive, but this kind of change will not have to cause much inconvenience to users who decide to buy it. However, it should be emphasized that this is a fan project and we should not count on Sony developing a similar console, although the whole thing looks impressive.

The material serves as an argument for the possibility of reducing the size of the PS5 by the Japanese manufacturer. But will Sony decide to make this move? According to rumors, the PS5 Pro will debut at the end of 2024.

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