PS5 in new colors.  Sony presented the Inside the Earth collection

The Japanese producer and publisher used State of Play to not only showcase material from Spider-Man, Resident Evil 4 Remake, and other third-party projects, but also presented the PlayStation 5 in three updated versions. The company has prepared special palettes and has not forgotten the new colors for the DualSense controllers.

A distinctive feature of the current generation is undoubtedly the large number of accessories and add-ons for consoles. Last month, Sony shared more details about the PlayStation Portal and two headset models, but it’s time for new boards.

The Interior of the Earth collection is inspired by the beauty of our planet and three distinct colors – and the whole thing features a metallic finish. Gamers will be able to choose DualSense panels and pads in sleek, high-quality Obsidian Red, Cobalt Blue, and Silver.

When creating the new color palette for DualSense controllers and PS5 controller cases, we took inspiration from the beautiful and powerful shades found deep within planet Earth. We’ve captured the colours, and added a metallic finish for a touch of sophistication, reveals designer Satoshi Aoyagi.

Below you’ll see materials showcasing the equipment in all its glory. Pre-orders for the Interior of the Earth collection will begin on October 4 – The obsidian red and cobalt blue accessories will launch on November 3, followed by the sterling silver accessories on January 26.

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