he is here!  PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium for April.  See the full list of games!

In April, PlayStation Plus subscribers can immerse themselves in extraordinary worlds with new games in the catalogue.

“Dave the diver.” It invites you to adventures under the sea and manage a sushi bar while you're at it Kinzira Tales: Extensive It takes players to mystical lands in 2.5D, where one poignant story of mourning and bravery awaits.

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PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium for April:

  • Dave the diver [PS4/PS5] – From April 16
  • Weirdos [PS4] – From April 16
  • Construction simulator [PS4/PS5] – From April 16
  • Crew 2 [PS4] – From April 16
  • Lego Ninjago video game [PS4] – From April 16
  • Lego Marvel Avengers [PS4] – From April 16
  • Raji: An ancient epic [PS4/PS5] – From April 16
  • Miasma Records [PS4] – From April 16
  • Stray blade [PS5] – From April 16
  • Nour: Play with your food [PS4/PS5] – From April 16
  • Give us Mars [PS4/PS5] – From April 16
  • Kinzira Tales: Extensive [PS5] – From April 23
  • Animal well [PS5] – From May 9

PlayStation Classics for April:

  • Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare [PS4/PS5] – Original PS1 version
  • Star Wars: Rebel Attack II: The Hidden Empire [PS4/PS5] – Original PS1 version
  • MediEvil [PS4/PS5] – Original PS1 version

“animal well” is a surreal journey through a deserted maze where players can discover secrets in over 250 rooms while avoiding dangers in this combat-free Metroidvania. The game surprises with interactive pixel art and mysterious creatures.

In addition, other titles will join in April, such as “Crew 2”where players can race across the United States, or “Weirdos” – A crazy team game where ingenuity and unpredictability count.

PlayStation Plus continues to offer a variety of experiences, from underwater exploration to mystical lands and dynamic races. Everyone will find something of their own in the April Games Catalog.

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