PS Plus for October is now available.  Three productions awaiting download

Sony invites gamers to download products from PlayStation Plus Premium and PlayStation Plus Extra. The offer is extensive, because the list includes up to 24 games prepared by developers from all over the world. Those interested will play Assassin’s Creed Odyssey among others.

Sony has already released the full PlayStation Plus lineup for the month of October. At the beginning of the month, players got access to three productions, and today the list has been expanded with 23 items, so in total, under one (full) Sony subscription, customers can download up to 26 titles.

The list is full of games from the Assassin’s Creed series, Dragon Quest or Yakuza, but it’s also definitely a good time to get to know the amazing Limbo and Inside – all players should try these stories.

The offer also includes Grand Theft Auto: Vice City – Ultimate Edition (the game received another update today), Ultra Street Fighter IV or The Polish The Medium. The Bloober Team production is an intense and interesting show that will take 8-9 hours of your life.

Again, I’m under the impression that PlayStation Plus Extra is the best, because at least PS Plus Premium should have the classics on paper – it’s hard to say why this time Yakuza went to the more expensive subscription.

PS Plus Premium and Extra for October

PS Plus Premium and Extra

PS Plus Premium

PS Plus Basic

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