PS Plus Extra and Premium for April 2024 with 16 games.  Tactical RPG and cult horror from the PSX era shine

We met More games will be added to PlayStation Plus in both premium and premium versions in the near future. On April 16, subscribers to the most expensive version of the service will be able to view 16 titles – Two of them will be added to the service at a later date (see list below), but in the first offering – 13 of them will also be available to users with a PS Plus Extra subscription.

Last year's tactical RPG seems particularly worthy of a recommendation. Miasma Records. I wrote in the review that I wasn't a fan of the plot, but the latest work from The Bearded Ladies studio – creators of the fantastic Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden – is definitely worth checking out for its visceral gameplay.

An interesting proposition – mainly for fans of the classics – it also appears to be a cult classic Alone in the Dark: The Nightmare Returns. However, this horror game will only be available with a PS Plus Premium subscription.

The full list of titles that will be included in the PS Plus Extra and Premium offerings within the month is below.

Finally, I would like to remind you that PS Plus Extra and Premium are services that are somewhat equivalent to Microsoft's Game Pass – they provide access to a rich and regularly changing catalog of games. The Premium version differs from the Plus version mainly because it allows you to play additional classic titles that are released during the stream. In addition, both subscription versions offer the advantages of the cheapest version of PS Plus Essential, for example, the ability to use online functions in games, special discounts in the PS Store or add free products to your own collection every month.

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