PlayStation 5 celebrates its anniversary.  Subjectively - it could have been a little better...

Wow, time is running out. Exactly today, on the day this text was published, November 12, 2021, it’s been a year since the PlayStation 5 debuted to the world. We are just a week away from the anniversary of the console’s premiere in Poland and the moment many have been waiting for for many years. To this day, I have fond memories of that period. It’s an exciting wait, you chase the courier, turn on the console for the first time, and feel the magic while holding the DualSense.

Sure, there probably isn’t much honesty in the above opinion, and it all seems tightly covered in a sheet of sentiment. Except I guess that’s all, right? The emotions that video games are supposed to evoke in us and the industry itself. Such was the case with the PlayStation 5, the first console I could afford on the day of its release. Do I regret my decision? not at all. Definitely not money down the drain. I am grateful to be the lucky man with the purchase.

And so a year passed. The year I’ve played the console is probably the most in a long time. A year that allowed me to make up a lot. Meanwhile, the year that made me understand that although I have positive impressions in terms of feelings, they are In the end, Sony didn’t do a hundred percent good. It could have been a lot better, and I built myself an expectation that the Japanese electronic entertainment giant couldn’t handle it. I will share subjective impressions.


It is not appropriate to start with something elseOf video games, which is perhaps the most important category for the lion’s share of gamers. This is a concept and appears to be correct. So, how was the situation? in the middle. I wrote about premiere proposals months ago (and I still insist they weren’t as bad as many painted them). But later… well, kind of pause. I even deviate from the fact that many of the items were a thing of the early days of PS4 and PS5 – there were a few exclusives bombs.

We’ve got recovered, enhanced, and extended versions of Death Stranding or Ghost of Tsushima, as well as my silent gem, FIST: Forged in Shadow Torch, but they are relatively few. Of course, things started a little better in the second half of the year, as we got Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart and Ken: Bridge of Spiritis. However, I think this is the right choice. Although I understand where it came from.

The current global situation is clearly not particularly conducive to a lot of new games, so we had to enjoy what we got. Personally, I can’t complain, because such a small number of first shows allowed me to compensate for those who in the previous generation did not have enough time or enough power (I used the first version of PS4 from start to finish). However, I know that not everyone has such a choice.


The second component worth considering (Especially when looking at the Game Pass that the competition has to offer) are services. Some of you may find that I am an incorrect optimist, but I have great confidence that with the launch of PlayStation 5, Sony will decide to make PlayStation Now available on a global scale. Well, unfortunately we still have to wait. There is no indication that this will change in the near future.

PS Plus Video Pass

as compensation The company offered us two services that were not previously available. Both are already linked to PlayStation Plus. The first, which debuted with the next-generation console, is PlayStation Plus collection, a collection of games constantly available to all subscribers of the Sony service. And it was a really good move, as it allowed new people to the PlayStation world to learn about the greatest hits of the past years.

As for the second, It is, of course, a PlayStation Plus video card. As we all know very well, it is nothing more than a service that offers movies and series. The initiative is great, but the performance is not the best (to paraphrase Tomic Smokowski from the new FIFA). In fact, in terms of ease of use, it’s a far cry from Netflix or even HBO GO, and the show itself isn’t that widespread at the moment. Well, this is not what we expected.


Another aspect is the improvement of what was presented to us in the previous generation. Actually here – with all due respect – I will give both companies a yellow card. Microsoft and Sony have not boasted when it comes to the leap in terms of sensations offered. Many elements are still annoying and some seem almost unchanged. I don’t like when someone doesn’t draw conclusions, and here it looks a bit like this.

PS5 DualSense

Fortunately, I can write something in this paragraph that is real progress for me and the next generation side. Of course, I’m talking about the DualSense controller. I had a lot of pads in my hand, but this is in my opinion the best of them. Maybe it just worked for me, or maybe it was more like a baby still reacting to tactile vibrations and adaptive stimuli, but it turned out pretty cool. That’s partly why I’ve been playing so much in the past few months. Sonny, you did it perfectly.


I will put it briefly – It was very good, but there were definitely views of something better. So, dear reader, you didn’t get a next-gen console from Sony this year, but you did have a PlayStation 4 Pro, for example, you didn’t lose much. And without playing the biggest games that have been announced as PlayStation 5 ready, you have nothing to cry about. There were a few of them that you could easily replace.

On the other hand, as I have emphasized several times, I do not regret the purchase. After the jump from the PS4 Fat, I had a completely different comfort in using the console, I wasn’t afraid the gear would fly away, and I checked out the many generations out there, making the most of it. I will remember this year well, but I will remember it more emotionally. Trying to be a bit rational and humble – I hope next year will be better for us, and Sony shipped batteries for a year of peace.

Be sure to tell us in the comments, what your impressions were after the first year – what surprised you so favorably, and what you definitely missed!

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