Prince Harry complained against a large press group

(Los Angeles) Prince Harry has launched legal action against one of the largest British press groups, the AFP learned of the princely couple’s spokesman in California on Wednesday.

Released last night at 9:24.

No further details were provided by this spokesman, but the British media reported that the complaint targeted the Associated Newspapers group, which publishes the popular tabloid. Dailymail.

Prince Harry blames the press Sunday Mail (Sunday edition Dailymail) Slandered him in an article claiming that he had tried to keep his request for police protection secret while in the UK.

Harry and his wife, Megan Markle, live in North Los Angeles. They decided to withdraw from the royal family in 2019, which mechanically lost the right to police protection at the expense of British taxpayers.

Harry volunteered to cover these costs while in the UK and is now challenging the Home Office’s refusal in court.

He replied that the police security device was “not available on the basis of private funding”.

The prince couple has recently filed a complaint against several publications for encroaching on their family’s privacy.

Last December, Megan Markle won her lawsuit against a tabloid who was convicted of publishing a letter she wrote to her father. He then celebrated a “victory” against a “terrible” and misleading press, according to him.

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