Polish heroes attacked the Italians.  A red card and a missed opportunity in the Champions League

Last season, Jastrzębski Węgiel reached the Champions League final losing there only to Grupa Azoty ZAKS Kędzierzyn-Koźle. This year he has ambitions to reach the high level again. And He had a good result from Italy, although there is a chance for more.

Their rival lost their last three matches in the local league. Polish heroes They suffered a setback against Barkum Kazhany LvivBut in Italy, they attacked the hosts from the beginning. They won the first four proceedings by coach Piacenza Andrea Anastasi, the former coach of the Polish national team, immediately asked for a break. When the Italians cut their losses a bit, an ace gave Jastrzębie a 10:6 lead. Rafael Shimura.

The Piacenza service did not cause much harm to the guests. In the first set, Anastasi's players gave up to eight points to their opponents. The midfielder took advantage of the good reception Benjamin Toniotiany The center made Yuri Gladyr the leader of the attack. The experienced volleyball player completed three attacks and added a point with his serve. Jastrzębie's team monitored the progress and the score was decided at 25:19 on offense Thomas Fornal.

Jastrzębski Węgiel did not take advantage. Robertlandi Simon surprised his rivals

At the beginning of the second half, the match was equal, but the hosts faced problems in the middle Eduardo Kaneshim. The volleyball player with broken skin had to leave the court and was replaced Romy Alonso. However, it was Jastrzębie's team that did a great job of blocking. They scored three straight points and put a wall on the net Norbert Huber Fornal – The visitors were ahead 9:7. Piacenza equalized after serving Yoandy'ego at night. The ball… hit Shimura's head and returned to the side of the Italians, who took advantage of the counterattack.

The score hesitated about a draw for a long time, and Anastasi sent the reserve striker to fight Fabrizio Geronego. The Polish volleyball players were still one step ahead of their competitors, but they missed this opportunity. The Italians took the lead at 20:19 when Antoine Brizard He stopped Szymura with a block. In the next action, attack the car Jean Patry. A break at the request of the visiting coach did not help Marcelo Mendes -His players Robertlandi surprised Simon with his serve.

But the guests still caught up with the Italians and the advantage was decided. Piacenza wasted a series of set piecesBut in the end she put down a solid block and won 30:28.

Jastrzębie started the third game poorly. They were losing 2-6 and Mendes quickly stopped the match. However, the home team's block was improving. When Shimura was stopped, the Polish was replaced by the Croat Marko Sedlacek. But in the first action, the Italians stopped him and him at the net. The difference rose to eight points. He still performed well offensively Riccardo LucarelliLil joined him. Jastrzębie could afford a run of three points, but was far from equalising. Even Hopper was attacked in the car. The hosts won 25:16.

Volleyball Champions League. Jastrzębski Węgiel led to the tiebreaker

The start of the fourth set was a straight fight, but also a red card for Tonioti – and in this way the hosts earned a free point. However, a moment later Jastrzębie's team was leading 12:9. They were helped by the attacks of the home team, and the advantage was up to four points – the score was 21:17. But after a while, the Italians blocked Fornal's attack and Lille shocked the visitors with his serve. However, Jastrzębie's team defended itself – They won in 25:22 and led to a tiebreaker.

But this did not start well for them. The hosts quickly took a 5:2 lead – the striker returned to the field alongside them Yuri Romano. The Polish team reduced the loss to one point for a moment, but when Patry made a mistake on the day, Piacenza was 8:5 ahead. It was Romano who after a while increased the difference to four points and The people of Jastrzebie never recovered from such hardships. The Italians took advantage of the good reception and won 15:11.

The return match will be held on February 28 in Jastrzebie Zdrój. The Polish champions are in a good position ahead of the rematchEach win gives them direct advancement or at least a chance in the “Gold” group.

Daico gas sales: Romano, Kaneshi, Lucarelli, Brizard, Simon, Lille – Scanferla (free transfer) Oraz Gironi, Andringa, Alonso.

Jastrzebski and Gale: Patry, Hooper, Fornal, Tonioti, Glader, Shimura – Popivczak (libero), Sclater, Schroders, Sedlacek.

Piacenza volleyball players/CEV.eu/External matter

Tomas Fornal in colors by Jastrzębski Węgiel/Piotr Matosevic/East News

Rafael Shimura from Jastrzębski Węgiel attacks/Door / Jarek Praszkiewicz/PAP

Jastrzebski Vigil – Truffle Gdansk 3:0. The most prominent features of the game. video/Pulsat Sport/Pulsat Sport

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