Polish equipment will go to the moon!  It's supposed to help astronauts

Polish company PIAP Space, which works in the field of space robotics, is the main contractor on various European Space Agency (ESA) projects. Now you will be responsible for Create a robotic manipulatorWhich will carry cargo for astronauts on the moon.

The Argonaut project implemented by the European Space Agency It is a program to create lunar landers that will provide astronauts with various types of cargo (including food, water, and equipment) and infrastructure needed during the construction of lunar bases, and scientists' research on the location of power plants on the moon.

The researchers indicate that this program may be part of the program implemented by NASA Artemis missionIt can carry out independent scientific missions – and the arm will be able to collect samples from the lunar surface independently.

The Argonaut lander will be able to move to Silver globe Cargo platform weighing up to 2100 kg. Meanwhile, in the event of a sudden crisis, the vehicle will be able to change its function to support the survival of the astronauts.

It will be installed on the landing Special navigation and landing equipmentThe loading platform, as well as the goods themselves. All equipment is scheduled to be placed on the Ariane 6 rocket, which will carry it to the surface of the moon.

The Polish company, in cooperation with partner companies Astronika, Leonardo and GMV, as part of the Breadboarding of Robotic Manipulator for Lunar Missions (MANUS) project, will design technology that will be ideal for the above-mentioned needs. The next step is to develop it Typical beta version of the devicewhich will be tested in different conditions later in the project.

It is worth noting that PIAP Space has created a prototype of the Sample Fetch Rover (SFR) hull. For the Mars sample return mission, the main goal is to collect and transfer samples from the Red Planet to the rocket returning to Earth. Moreover The Polish company is the main contractor for the Titan robotic arm, which is being developed for the European Space Agency. This device operates in Earth orbit and is intended, among other things, to: serve satellites.


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