Poland.  The Polish Representation Gathering in Spain

On November 12, the Polish national football team will play another match in the qualifying round for the 2022 World Cup. Andorra will be the distant rival of the “White and Red” team. The obvious candidates for this confrontation are our players who will, however, have to deal with difficulties of an organizational nature, says a spokesman for the Polish Football Association.

– First of all, a trip to Andorra is quite a logistical challenge and we have known about it for several months, when we were there and visited the stadium, we chose the hotel for the team. There is no airport there. The closest is more than three hours by bus. If we take the whole trip – starting with the departure from the hotel, which we usually use in Warsaw, transfer to the airport, plane to Barcelona and bus transfer, then the whole one-way trip will take more than eight hours. We know that the game is the most important, the players need to be updated and we wanted to avoid this kind of trip – explained the spokesperson for the national team.

We studied different types of scenarios and in the end it was reasonable for players who travel to Poland to attend training camp to go to Spain instead. We will have a training center for ourselves. We will be staying there from Monday 8 November through 11 November through Thursday. The day before the match we will take the coach to Andorra and it will take about two hours. Due to logistical considerations, this kind of decision was made. We’ll be back from Andorra after Saturday’s game. We will fly to Warsaw on November 13, where we will prepare for the match against Hungary,” Kwiatkowski said.

A Polish Football Association spokesman noted that there was no shortage of subtexts regarding such a decision.

– We already have a chosen center, contracts with this facility are being finalized. It may turn out that the weather conditions will be much better, because in November it may snow in Poland. I only decided for logistical reasons that we would be in Spain, because I also heard many subtexts that the selector would prefer to stay in a warm country. Confirmed that this is nonsense.

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