January 27, 2023


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Cesare Kucharski in the hospital.  His condition is serious

Cesare Kucharski in the hospital. His condition is serious

The case was first reported by Krzysztof Stanowski, who wrote on social media “I hear news that Cezary Kucharski is in a very difficult condition. He has always been brave, so I hope he does not leave this time.”

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Ten days ago, Kucharski, an active participant in online discussions, published a post congratulating Legia on the positive result in the league match. It was a 3-1 win over Zagopi Lubin.

“Congratulations Ligia! The most important thing in the current situation is the points, but the 7 poles in the starting lineup were a surprise to everyone, including 5 guys!

Since then, Kucharsky’s “calculation” has remained silent. According to Entrea, Kucharsky recently fell ill, but the details of his illness were not disclosed. Kucharski recently resided in Spain. He had an operation ahead, before he fell into a drug coma.

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Cesare Kucharski is a former soccer player, soccer director, and member of the House of Representatives from the seventh state. He played for the Polish national team 17 times, including the 2002 World Cup. With Legia Warszawa, he won the Polish championship in 2002 and 2006.