Poland – Netherlands.  Live coverage and live scores of the UN Men’s Volleyball League on May 24

Polish volleyball players will play for their third win during the UEFA Nations League in Antalya. This time, the Netherlands will stand in their way to victory. Live coverage and results of the Poland vs. Netherlands match on Polsatsport.pl.

Polish volleyball players have reasons to be happy at the moment. In the first match, they did not give the Americans a chance, and they won confidently in three sets. The US representatives played in a very experimental lineup, but Nikola Grbic also rotated the Polish lineup.

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The second match was much more difficult. The Canadians raised the bar high from the start and were better in the first set. However, the Whites and Reds quickly returned to their good form and finally won 3:1. However, it must be admitted that this meeting was full of emotions.

Now it’s time for the Dutch, who have played the most games of all the teams. All because both matches ended in tie-breaks. However, their luck was changeable – they lost to Slovenia, but against Turkey they turned out to be better, although they were already losing 0:2.

There are 16 teams participating in the Nations League. They will each play in three tournaments, playing four matches in each. The best seven teams after the regular stage, with Poland as the host country, will participate in the final tournament, which will be held in Lodz on June 27-30.

Live coverage and results of the Poland vs. Netherlands match on Polsatsport.pl. Starting at 7:00 pm.

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