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Five Quick Conclusions is a series that briefly describes a specific match between Lech Poznan. Before presenting the pros and cons of a particular match, match analysis, post-match statistics, player game analysis or choosing the best action for Kolejorz, we present five quick post-match conclusions. After dozens of minutes into each match, five insights into team and individual player performance are hot.

Fantastic 45 minutes

Lech Poznan came out of this meeting with a very good motivation, as happened in the Garbarnia meeting, where he managed to score a quick goal 1-0, and decided the competition with three goals within 32 minutes. Today it was almost the same at Lubin, unfortunately Lech was only 2-0 up, and he couldn’t take advantage of many other good positions to score 3 goals. Despite the ineffectiveness, the match from Poznan could really satisfy, the whole team was active in attack, the midfield with Murawski and Karlstrom was very good, noticing cross passes, key passes or shooting. Determined, playing categorically Lech did not allow Zagłębie to play balls, he eliminated many of the actions of Lubin’s players already close to the middle zone, trying to attack the goal himself in various ways. In the first half, the Poznan team was not afraid to change its position on the field or to shoot from a distance. In the first 45 minutes, Lech’s every move smelled like a goal, watching the match from Pozna was a lot of fun, and besides, she could still enjoy the complete helplessness of Zagłębie, who sighed after the referee’s whistle that ended the first half.

Crazy a quarter of an hour after the break

After a fifteen minute break it was a shock to everyone. Not only for fans of Lech and Zagobi. Soon, Lubin’s players scored a ball goal after a corner kick, taking advantage of Militia’s weak coverage and hesitation in the unmoved goal of Bednarek. Shortly after this goal, Lech scored a 3:1 goal and after the eleventh league goal scored between 51 and 60 minutes of the match, Pozna seemed to be safe. Unfortunately, in the 60th minute, Zagłębie scored again from nothing, due to our fault after another corner kick by Bednarek’s Camel, and scored again. The first quarter of an hour after the break was a crazy period in this interesting match, but it was Lech with his conciliatory stance in defense that gave life to Zagłębie, who even believed in a draw. Poznan’s players behaved irresponsibly in both corners, and the defense was largely due to Milic and Bednarik who have earned so much praise in recent weeks, who unfortunately are back to their mediocre form with Babola today. Leech should lead the position after 60 minutes 5:0, 6:0, while he was winning only 3:2.

Twelve minutes or so of standing

The match after the 60th minute was an annoying part of the match against Zagobi. Lich was surprised by the easy two-goal loss, and the players weren’t the only ones not knowing what happened, so why is it only 3:2 and not 5:0 or 6:0? From 61 to 74 minutes, the Poznan team did not play at all, our team stopped, did not create a situation, the team did not help the entry of Pedro Thebes, who showed himself from behind several times, but flashed from behind. In front only in the second minute of extra time, when the referee did not receive an offside goal. It’s hard to say why Lech looked so bad from 61 to 74? There are several proven reasons, the main reason for the standing match seems to be the sudden change in the match profile due to two goals that are easy to concede, which should not happen to a class team. Simic’s goal in particular should be avoided, and Filip Bednarek had no right to interfere badly.

Trouble away from home

Clearly Lee has a problem away from home. Today they won their first league match away from home on October 17, but a team better than Zagoby could have scored a 3-3 goal for us. First of all, people from Poznan in foreign regions are very ineffective. In Biaystok, Mielec, Łęczna and today in Lubin. In addition, there are many splinters during flights, when Lech loses focus, not controlling events on the field. There were different moments, for example, in Warsaw, in czna, it was Gornik who played better from 31 to 45 minutes, and today Zagłębie easily surprised us in the first quarter of an hour after the break, then Lech stopped for several minutes. We have a problem abroad, the team has something to work on, especially since from February 19 to March 2, the Collegs will visit Gdask, Szczecin and upper Silesia for the Polish Cup. Especially in the match with Piast / Gornick, we won’t be able to take any distractions away, like Lubin’s mistakes, because the Polish Cup is unforgiving. One stumble we are not in this competition.

It’s really good

Lupine’s match included various fragments, but there is no doubt that Lech only deservedly won. Frustrated by the residents of Pozna Lubin, and annoyed with Zagopi, after 7 consecutive matches without a win with Midzoi, they finally found a way to do it. Since September 24, the undefeated Lech has only lost at Bialystok in the unfortunate 17 rounds and is the midway-leader for the 2021/22 season. It’s really good in many ways, we all have something to be happy about, but of course that’s not the end of playing this year. We have two games left in the fall, and we have to do everything in them so that not only is Leach the leader during the winter break for the first time in 13 years, but also after the 19th round, he has 44 points. At the moment he has 1 more than he had in the whole of last season and by the way an additional issue that the coaching staff has to deal with somehow. It snowed in Poznan, the frost is expected to continue throughout the next small training session, it is not known if it is possible to prepare a field with natural grass, perhaps you will have to train on an artificial board under a balloon. Let’s hope that over the next two weeks the team avoids muscle injuries.

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