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17:19. Perfect attack of the plum from the second line!

4:19 pm. Cork took the opportunity, but missed the service.

4:18 pm. Galassi broke the service.

15:18. Semenyuk’s attack failed.

15:17. Romano on the right.

15:16. The rooster broke through the block of the Italians!

14:16. Reflection of impure chicken fingers. Error and point for the Italians.

14:14. The tap should be diagonal!

13:14. Lafia was defeated by Mana Kochanowski.

13:13. The rooster attacked. The ball after the net did not hit the court.

13:12. Lafia is so far right in the attack.

13:11. A clever play by Śliwka who cleverly beat the Italians!

12:11. Kochanovsky’s first footsteps are in the middle. We have a point!

11:11. Lavia attacked successfully.

11:10. Tap after the counter!

10:10. Immediate rehabilitation and powerful Cork attack.

9:10. The tap is clogged.

9:8. Bennick hit the ball with a tight angle! Point!

8:8. Beinik from the inside.

7:8. Service tap broke.

7: 7. Semeniuk after the counterattack! Long work, every point must be torn off.

6:7. Semenyuk kicked the ball after the Italians were saved. Point for the Poles.

5:6. Short turned to Kochanowski, who scored a point.

4: 5. Śliwka broke through the competitors’ block.

3:4. Maybe Kochanowski on the inside!

2: 4. The Italians defended perfectly, Micheletto attacked from the second line.

2: 3. Lafia tightly diagonally. The Italians are in the lead.

2: 1. Michelto also made a mistake in the field of service.

1: 1. Semeniuk broke the service.

1: 0. Replacement first and immediately. Finally, after the counterattack, Śliwka finished it!

The players of both teams are already on the field. It’s time for the national anthem.

Poland and Italy have faced each other twice this season. In the main stage of the Nations League, the Italians won 3: 1, while in the bronze match in this competition, the Polish team won 3: 0.

The Poles will have the opportunity to join the Italians and Brazilians who have won the world championships three times in a row. In 2014, they defeated Canarinhos 3:1 at Spodek in Katowice, while in 2018 they were better than Team Brazil in three sets in Turin. – Compare that we are in the final again. But every match is a new story and we are a new team different from 2018 and 2014. We want to write our history – declared Poland’s host Aleksander Śliwka.

The final match will be a confrontation between the current world champion and the European champion. Last year, Italian volleyball players won the gold of the Old Continent at the Spodek Arena in Katowice. For us, Katowice is a good place. The final will be very difficult for us, but we are ready to play. Fighting for gold is very satisfying. The situation will not be easy for the players, but I am sure that they will give their best – confirmed the Italian coach Ferdinando De Giorgi.

Iga Świątek keeps the fingers of our volleyball players in the World Cup Final. He appealed to the US Open tennis champion “Rock It”.

The Brazilian team did not give Slovenia a chance in the match for third place in the World Championships. Canarinhos won with a score of 3:1, playing very quietly at times.

On the other hand, the Italians played only one match, in which there were five – in the quarter-finals with the French national team. They won the semi-final smoothly with the Slovenes 3-0.

Two unbeaten teams will meet in this year’s World Cup final. However, the White-Reds had a more difficult path to the decisive match, which suffered in the quarter-finals with the Americans and won only after the tiebreak, and in the semi-finals also in five sets after a fierce and exciting. Fighting, they defeated the Brazilians.

Polish volleyball players at the Spodek Arena in Katowice will play Italy for the gold medal at the World Championships. Piao Zeroni will defend the title for the second time in a row, and Italian volleyball players will take part in the final for the first time since 1998. The match starts on the 21st.

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