PlayStation Showcase 2024 will be honored with the announcement of the sequel to the exclusive Sony game that delighted the PS5 premiere

24 Bit 2024, 21:04

A new game starring the robot Astro is scheduled to be officially announced within the next two weeks. Everything indicates that the PlayStation Showcase is fast approaching.

Image source: Asobi Team


As reported by a reliable source, Bilbil Kun, who writes for the site Deals, The latest game in the series Astro Sony is expected to officially announce it within the next two weeks. Everything indicates that the company will present a new exclusive title during the PlayStation Showcase 2024 exhibition, which was supposed to take place in May, but it has likely been postponed to the beginning of June.

Astro Bot

According to the informant, a new game from the universe Astro It will be titled simply Astro Bot It will be released as a PlayStation 5 “exclusive” (not PS VR2). According to information obtained by Billbil-kun, the events of the final part of this charming series will take place in the desert. Except for this A new character will reportedly appear in the production – the fennec fox (i.e. Desert Fox), which, like Astro, will be fully automated.

The production in which the robot Astro plays the main role will be prepared by the creators of the previous parts of the series, Asobi team. It’s worth noting that their latest game, Astro’s Playroom, received great reviews. On Metacritic, the title has an average score of 83/100, and on the PS Store 4.65/5 (rated by over 20,000 users).

Billbil-kun points out that the rumors about the upcoming PlayStation Showcase will likely come true, and that “May is not over yet.” Therefore, the Internet user believes that both events are connected, and the developers will soon share the results of their work.

As a reminder, Sony Interactive Entertainment President Hiroki Totoki, I was informed Recently we will learn about the future of SIE in May. So the conclusions are clear. Away Astro boot During the presentation we will see titles such as:

  1. remake Silent Hill 2;
  2. Ghost of Tsushima 2;
  3. remake Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater;
  4. In addition to Marvel Spider-Man 2;
  5. New production responsible for Days passed Bend studio.

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