Echoes of the Christmas gift marathon are fading, and more free games from the Epic Games Store are on the horizon. We’re back to the standard weekly “free” format.

Surely every player followed the procedures Epic Games Store It’s the end of 2022 and surely everyone has found something for themselves. The achievement was capped at The Christmas Gift by two titles: Dishonored – Definitive Edition And Eximius: Take over the front line.

The collection time for these products has passed, which means more are just showing up Free computer games. What has the Epic Games Store prepared this time around? This time there is no shortage of cosmic accents.

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Sławosz Uznański on further plans and challenges of being an ESA backup astronaut

Kerbal Space is free on the Epic Games Store

The first free game on this list is Kerbal Space Program (Standard price is PLN 171.90, Steam). A great suggestion for fans of space exploration. The player is responsible for taking care of the smallest details of the space program: from the technological aspects to the logistics.

Shadow Tactics – Aiko’s option will also be collected for free

The second free address is Shadow Tactics – Aiko’s Choice (standard price is PLN 59.99, Steam), A stand-alone addition to the strategy game Shadow Tactics: Shogun’s Blades. The add-on offers three large-scale main missions and three side missions.

1 week to receive the games

Both Kerbal Space Program what Shadow Tactics – Aiko’s Choice We can receive it for free from January 5, 2023, 5:00 pm Polish time, for one week.

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