Battlefield 2042 with battle royale mode thanks to player ingenuity
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November 26, 2021, 19:40

Battlefield 2042 does not offer the battle royale mode that players love. One of them lacked this gameplay variant enough in the new EA DICE shooter that by resorting to some tricks, he created it in the Battlefield Portal.

Advertising Battlefield 2042, EA DICE study ogosioThat famous battle royale mode will not make it to the game. also reveals Gate modeDevelopers clearly They markedAnd we won’t get the chance to compete in this popular type of game, when a match of this kind can’t be created. Social, specifically a Reddit user with a nickname chbmg Obviously, she accepted the challenge because In the week following the production release, it is possible to fight on a map that is constantly shrinking until the last player alive. Anyway, see for yourself.

Some of you may have noticed that creating this kind of game format requires a lot of improvisation. Everything happens on a map intended for 100 people called Warfield 100. At first glance, everything is in place, we start in the lobby, and after a while we go down by parachute to the battlefield, where we will start playing, during which the available space will gradually shrink. There are even ups and jails along the lines of it Call of Duty: War Zonewhich the defeated players go to (here you can also return to the game, if there are more than 10 players on the battlefield).

However, Portal mode does not allow UPW aggregation. How was this chbmg? Make the distance of the nearest prey appear on the screen of the people playing Warfield 100. If you want to collect it, you have to go to the specified place and bend three times, then a random item is added to your inventory. Clever, isn’t it? No less clever, because with inactive NPCs, the edges of the smaller and smaller successive circles are marked.

So Warfield 100 works well, but it’s not perfect After matches, errors often appear, as a result of which you can easily see the desktop of your computer. However, it is worth being patient, because the thing is being developed all the time and should only get better.

To play Warfield 100 games, enter warfield 100 battle royale in the game finder. If you don’t see any matches available, you can easily create your own server using the AAGDWA token.

Let’s remember that mail Battlefield 2042 It was released on November 19. game pool very rne opinions. What is the main complaint from the community and what can cause problems in the production of EA DICE? You will find this information in the two messages below.

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