January 28, 2023


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Life in a miracle economy

Life in a miracle economy

However, there is an economy of miracles. Its principles are revealed by a college professor, a man enduring the jingle of life with the gallows of humor and ghostly dignity. They always threw him out everywhere. Fellows collect grants, he – diseases. Even his cat committed suicide.

What is this wonderful economy about? Let me use my own example. I’ve never worked full time (except for a loop at a construction site in the US), jumping between robots, playing huge balls, being my own boss, tormentor and monster. I regularly collaborate with more than ten entities.

I do some activity. I am writing a book. Scenario diagram. column like this. I run some classes. I mention, consult, stay, spit billions of emails, yell at people and dance with coal on my back and a rice toilet brush pushed up my ass.

I get some money for these lessons. What is the price? It is different with this, because a large part of the work is not valued at all, or often, part of another work. when? It is impossible to say, because again and again contracts are lost, the accountant goes on vacation and everyone is late for everything. The scheduled August move comes in November, the 1st of June in January, and we would have starved to death with our family, had it not been for the generous money from the previous quarter.

It’s not even about the system of permanent delays, because you can live in it, but about the disappearance of the relationship between the work done and the reward received. This is the essence of the miracle economy. This is where its name comes from. I just do something. There is some money in the account. There is no connection between the two. This kind of thinking reshapes the mindset in a permanent way. I have no idea what I live on.

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But life in Poland is also a miracle.