Several weeks ago, they were the protagonists of commercials The plus brand for telecommunications is represented by Wojciech Mecwaldowski, as well as Plus na Kartę ads, among others Thomas Karolack. Disappeared from ads Simon Majowski.

More recently, we can see it in communications announcements this spring. At that time, he announced the 5G Plus internet service.

Majewski began appearing less frequently in Plus ads in the summer of last year. Then he became the champion of spots cabaret artist Igor Kwiatkowski.

His appearance was the result of the creation of Plus Cooperation with Brain Agency (Previously, for 6 years, Plus was set up by Scholz & Friends Warsaw Agency).

When we asked the Plus press office if Szymon Majewski would still be the face of the brand, we didn’t get an answer. Just like now. Arkadiusz Majewski of Communications Press Office did not immediately answer whether the advertising collaboration with Szymon Majewski is definitely over. We already reported in August that Wojciech Mecwaldowski will be the new ambassador for the Plus brand. On the other hand, Tomasz Karolak is currently appearing in the commercials for Plus na Kartę. As for the future, it will all depend on how our campaigns are received by customers – He just told us.

Five years is a long time

Szymon Majewski first appeared in Plus commercials in 2016. Since then, a huge number of ads for this brand have been created with his participation. He mostly performed alone. There was a time when other celebrities also appeared in positions beside him. Among them, among others Beata KozydracAnd Magdalena LamparskaAnd Tamara Archewicz and Bartomiej Kasprezhkovsky, Małgorzata Rozenek and Radek Majdan.

In the fall of 2017 – more than a year after airing ads with Majewski’s participation – we asked Plus about the implications of this collaboration, Katarzyna Wyszomirska-Wierczewska, Director of Marketing Communications at Polkomtel and Cyfrowy Polsat did not directly answer the question whether the appointment of Szymon Majewski as brand ambassador Plus has increased the sale of services.

– As a rule, we do not provide information directly related to sales results, but we are satisfied with them and confirmed by our very good financial results, which distinguish our group from the competition – Wyszomirska-Wierczewska answered us at that time.

Let us remind you that before establishing a collaboration with Plus, Szymon Majewski PKO BP announced for about 3 years.

Strategically the right move?

According to Adam Samsel, Director of Strategy at K2 Create (Grupa K2) Five years of cooperation between Plus and Szymon Majewski is still an impressive period, considering that the category is heavily advertised, and Szymon Majewski himself has been greatly exploited, playing a key role in communicating with the Plus brand. For comparison, PKO BP cooperated with Majewski “only” for three years. According to the expert, the end of this cooperation Strategically this is the right move.

The market environment could have influenced the change. Looking at the category now, it can be seen that all the operators have recently changed their communication platforms. T-Mobile has changed its “No nonsen” campaign platform with the participation of Robert Lewandowski. Orange presented its orange challenge in communicating with the main brand. and Play that introduces new sellers and leaves the showroom and forgoes celebrity participation on a large scale. From this perspective, changing the format with the participation of Szymon Majewski to the new one is a natural fit for the trend in the category – Adam Samsell notes.

Our interlocutor notes that the communications category represents innovative technologies and is constantly looking for new and new ways to attract customers. – Although I suppose so Campaigns with Szymon achieved good results in tracking (it had many elements that Polish consumers liked – a familiar face, sense of humor, simple word games), but they did not bring anything new to communication and brand image. Plus he can continue to score better and worse with Majewski’s participation, but without any strategic brand value – K2 creation expert assesses.

In an interview with, the expert noted that the change of celebrity and hence the communication platform is also caused by the rebranding of Plus and the introduction of the new brand promise “You rule now”. Subsequently New opening and new appearance in Wojciech Mecwaldowski’s connectionAs the main narrator in contact. In this way, the brand creates a new effect.

– From my point of view, since the strategic promise is “You rule”, it would be natural in communication to make Plus users famous and show that they rule. In this way, the burden can shift from a celebrity to a “real” one. Mikwaldowski and Karolak appear to have a similar level of “carrying capacity” to Majewski. So the decisive factors in their choice were adaptation to the idea of ​​communication and the target group – says Adam Samsel.

As it indicates The campaign with the participation of Mecwaldowski is, in a sense, a continuation of the campaign with the participation of Majewski. Hence, his presence would not be a major change and would not surprise the viewer. – Mikwaldowski himself is not “exploited” in terms of propaganda, and this is certainly his great advantage. He is a kind, gentle and cultured guy with a sense of humor that is impossible to hate. This will have an effect on the positive reception of the Plus brand, which will enhance the image of a close, friendly and familial operator – Adam Samsell believes.

He also admits that Karolak’s choice seems surprising because he is more polarizing than Mikwaldowski or Majowski. – In this case, the key was to strategically match Karolak with his older prepaid target market, whom he considers a great guy and his “peasant”, known for his various funny roles in movies and series. His participation in Plus na kart ads builds empathy for the brand and image of a family friend – Adam Samsel comments.

A new opening is required, Majewski replacement indicated

Marek Junsior, brand consultant and independent consultant claims that now, when the Polsat Group is in the process of rebranding, it’s the best time to do more cleaning – the brand must decide which elements of its communication hold timeless content for the brand, and which brand to choose. Prefer to get rid of it. – From the steps taken it can be concluded that Szymon Majewski’s character has been moved to brand image items that Plus doesn’t want to promote anymore. So, looking from the point of view of the moment we’re in, resigning from collaborating with this celebrity doesn’t necessarily result from the erosion of the concept. I prefer focusing on new challenges for the brand – Marek Junior supposedly.

I don’t expect Szymon Majewski to be dressed up. On the contrary – most likely, despite several years of cooperation and significant advertising expenses, it did not become a “premium asset” of the brand, its token, a sign that would be strongly and exclusively associated with Plus by recipients. One might also have doubts about what Majewski could bring to the brand, apart from the wide recognition. Adam Michnikovsky, chief strategy officer at Publicis Poland, says it’s hard to say if he contributed to his image and with any significant values. Which is why, in his opinion, the decision to end the collaboration with Szymon Majewski does not seem so dramatic. What’s more – as our interlocutor pointed out – the brand has already experienced a more difficult and dangerous resignation from the collaboration with the Mumio cabaret.

– If Plus survived such a change, then the lack of Szymon Majewski should be considered a minor event – our interlocutor confirms. Rebranding may be an additional factor supporting the decision to change. As the brand holds a new promise and a renewed visual identity, collaborating with new celebrities helps heighten the impression of new change and penetration. In the social perception, Majewski may already have the best years of his career behind him. So, for the new Plus, you may be a less attractive face than actor Mecwald, who is constantly appearing in new productions. – He adds.


Adam Michnikovsky believes that although the actors have changed, the tone of the commercials has not. New stories with Mecwaldowski could easily be imagined with Majewski’s participation.

– The campaign with new faces is very much a continuation of the old campaign. If the marketer wants to define a deeper change, this intention remains illegible – the expert assesses.

Ravi Baran, CEO of FCB Bridge2Fun, shares with – Plus and Polsat wanted a new opening, a change in perceived quality after the rebranding. And Majewski was related to the “old” Plus. And maybe the brand wanted to cut it out. And the transition from semi-nightclub to a more serious connection – Claims of Rafaei Baran. He adds that the decision to end the collaboration with Majewski can be influenced by many factors, often beyond objective ones. Perhaps you should consider who was the target of Majewski’s jokes in his non-advertising activities – back in the days of Szymon Majewski’s show on TVN, people remember that. Especially those who are interested in jokes – the head of FCB Bridge2Fun comments.

A celebrity’s popularity declines

Paulina Hoffman, team account manager at Socialyse (Havas Media Group) believes that Szymon Majewski can use the advertising capabilities of these five years. We don’t see it in new programs or campaigns, which could indicate its declining popularity.

– Thomas Karolak’s participation is likely supported by strategic decisions and an attempt to reach a target group that can interact favorably with a well-known face from TV comedy or cinema – thinks Paulina Hoffman.
She notes that the construction of the image takes place on several levels and is guided by the motto “All tricks are allowed”. He says this could be a drastic change, but you can’t expect the brand to apologize or explain itself about its business decisions. – I think the recent changes to Polkomtel’s campaigns are very positive: I’m always happy with an image of, for example, Sanah and Antek Królikowski, who can also be seen in the slightly hilarious SmartDom campaigns – says the expert.

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