Perseids 2023. When do you see the stars in August?

The starry night is coming soon. The Perseids will light up again in the night sky in August. When and where will they be most visible? What other astronomical phenomena will you be able to see in August? Welcome to our guide to shooting stars, supermoons, and other amazing astronomical phenomena that await us in August 2023.


Soon, a wonderful spectacle will occur over our heads: the sky will be covered with bright stars as meteor showers, called Perseids, approach Earth again. How and where is it better to observe the Perseids and what other interesting astronomical phenomena will happen in August 2023?
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The Perseids are one of a number of meteor showers whose orbit crosses Earth regularly every August. The Perseids are particularly stunning, and when they fly across the land, the sky already appears to be full of shooting stars. Every few moments you can see a meteor flash passing near the Earth, namely the so-called. shooting star. As the Perseids pass by, up to 90 flames per hour can be seen.

Usually, you don’t need binoculars or a telescope to observe the Perseids.

Watch in the video what the star’s shower looked like last year, when the Perside family was at their best.

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w The night of August 12/13, 2023 The Perseids shower has peaked, but shooting stars will also appear in the night sky on August 11 and 14.

The peak of the swarm is the best time to see the Perseids – a meteor shower, exceptionally bright and beautiful, which can be admired every year in the second month of the holiday.

It’s great that in 2023 the maximum number of perches is in Weekend night from Saturday to Sunday. It’s worth organizing a weekend trip out of town to admire the shooting stars in all their glory. But where is the best place to go to enjoy the heavenly spectacle?

Astronomical phenomena can often be observed with the naked eye, provided the conditions are favorable. More ambitious observers can use a telescope or even simple binoculars. Even this simple equipment will allow you to better observe the Perseids and other phenomena.

A favorable time for observing the sky on the night of falling stars or celestial celebrations is the period of the new moon in fine weather, when satellite light and clouds do not disturb vision.

In contrast, a good place to watch the night sky is where there is no light pollution. This pollution originates in places where a lot of artificial lights are on at night, therefore mainly in and around cities. So if you want to watch the night star with the best experience, get as far away from the light as possible. Only then will you see how beautiful the August Perseids are.

If you are looking for an ideal place for stargazing in the summer of 2023, you may want to take a trip out of town, for example on a weekend. The most favorable areas for viewing the Perseids and other phenomena in the night sky are usually outside cities.

Recently, short trips to places from which interesting astronomical phenomena are best seen are becoming more and more popular, especially in summer, when shooting stars is a great opportunity to organize a trip, for example camping.

A useful map of light pollution can be found, for example, at Connected. It shows the areas where it is difficult to observe astronomical phenomena, but also the least populated places

milky way
Excursions to places where there is no light pollution and the stars are clearly visible are becoming an increasingly popular form of short tourist excursions. Lara_Uhryn, iStock/Getty Images Plus, photo illustration

There are currently two in Poland dark sky gardens – These are specially designated places where it is ensured that there is no light pollution:

  • Izera Dark Sky Park in Sudetes. The oldest in Poland, which has been operating since 2009, straddles both sides of the border with the Czech Republic.
  • Star Sky Park in the Bieszczady Mountains. It has been operating since 2013 and covers the Bieszczady National Park, the landscape parks of San Valley and Ciśniańsko-Wetliński Park.

There are also many additional dark sky protection areas, called shelters, such as:

  • Izdebska dark sky refuge in Wielkopolska
  • Subotnja Wilka Dark Sky Conservation Area
  • Palowice Dark Sky Conservation Area

A third dark sky park “Roztocze” is also planned in the Lublin area.

However, the Perseids aren’t the only interesting astronomical phenomenon you’ll be able to witness in August 2023. There’s also a full Sturgeon fish, several interesting conjunctions, and with a bit of luck we’ll be able to see even the most famous moons of the rings of Jupiter and Saturn.

What is the best time to observe the night sky? Below we have prepared a calendar of the most interesting astronomical phenomena in August 2023.

Filled with sturgeon
August 1 at 18:30 the first interesting phenomenon appeared in the night sky this month: the full moon It is full of sturgeonbecause Native Americans were fishing huge sturgeon in the Great Lakes region of the USA during this period.

The moon was closer to Earth than usual, so it was bigger and brighter – a phenomenon called a supermoon. In August 2023, we will be able to witness another supermoon – the next full moon on August 31st.

Conjunctions of the moon and planets
If you want to search the night sky not only for stars, but also for planets, a conjunction of the Moon is always very useful, that is, nights when the Moon is visible in the sky next to one of the planets. There will be several conjunctions of the Moon in August 2023:

  • August 4 with Neptune
  • August 8 with Uranus
  • August 19 with Mars
  • August 30 with Saturn
Shooting stars
Soon, a wonderful spectacle will occur over our heads: the sky will be covered with bright stars as meteor showers, called Perseids, approach Earth again. How and where is it better to observe the Perseids and what other interesting astronomical phenomena will happen in August 2023?
Cylonphoto, iStock/Getty Images Plus, photo illustration


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