French courts suspend health passports in shopping malls

Administrative courts in several French departments have recently suspended the duty to show health passports in shopping malls. Confused customers do not know which centers they need to obtain this document proving their COVID-19 vaccination, negative coronavirus test result, or post-illness immunity.

Courts in Hauts-de-Seine, Yvelines, Val d’Oise and Essonne have suspended the obligation to show a health passport.

Attendance at French malls has fallen 20% to 35% since mid-August. – The report of the Federation of Trade and Distribution, which believes that the decrease is due to the obligation to submit health documents.

Today, the government is pressing Conservatives (administrations) to impose health passports everywhere – regardless of the local health situation, and above all against the threshold the government has set for itself – regrets Jacques Kressel, president of the Federation of Trade and Distribution.

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