Opposite.  How much did public benefit institutions get in 2022?  Ministry of Finance data

Poles donated PLN 1.5 billion of their 1.5 percent income tax for 2022 to public benefit organizations (OPP). The Ministry of Finance announced on Monday that they received PLN 416 million more than last year. It was added that 12.7 million taxpayers paid 1.5% of the tax, which is 3.2 million less than the previous year.

This year, the smallest amount donated to the OPP was PLN 1.20, and the average amount was PLN 121. – Money transferred to OPP is not just an ordinary transfer. This is money that can change and sometimes save someone’s life. Every amount donated represents important support and shows how civil society is developing in Poland,” Finance Minister Magdalena Rzeczkowska said in the statement.

Institutions with amounts greater than 1.5 percent

Tax settlements for 2022 show that the largest amounts are due to the 1.5 percent tax that went to the bank accounts of the following organizations: Children’s Foundation “Zdążać z Pomocą”, which received PLN 288.7 million, Siepomaga Foundation – PLN 93.6 million, Avalon Foundation – PLN 79.8 million. . The Ministry announced that the regulations that entered into force on July 1, 2022 within the Low Tax Program changed the rules for transferring part of the tax to the OPP. Thanks to these changes, starting in 2023 you can donate 1.5 percent of the tax instead of 1 percent. – Thanks to the low tax reform, some taxpayers stopped paying personal income tax altogether, so they were unable to make a corresponding deduction for profit. However, we have taken care of the welfare of the organizations which now receive 1.5 percent in taxes instead of 1 percent. Those who earned relatively little stopped paying taxes, so their OPP deductions were not as high. At the same time, the write-off amount increased by half. As a result, the organizations received a record amount this year – explained Artur Sopon, Deputy Minister of Finance, in the statement.

Tax revenues

Funds from 1.5 percent and the tax due from the settlement for the year 2022 were transferred to public benefit institutions, as in the previous year, based on taxpayers’ requests included in the tax returns submitted to tax offices, whether in electronic or paper form.

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