Netflix in Poland.  We learned about the new rules for account sharing.  There is good news

Either a new account or an additional fee for a user from outside the same household – that’s what he wants to offer in the new year NetflixTo restrict account sharing.

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In some countries, these fees have already been applied. It comes to, among others o Argentina, El Salvador or Guatemala, where people outside the specified household must pay an additional 2.99 for using the same account dollar monthly.

According to findings from the Wall Street Journal It seems that at the beginning of 2023 a similar solution will also appear in United States of America, although the amount of the additional cost in this case is not yet known. What is the situation in Poland? It turns out that – so far – no additional charges threaten us.

Netflix in Poland. There will be no additional fees, but …

Netflix has published instructions on how to share an account on the service. Their content shows that one account can Sharing of people living in the same house.

People who don’t live in your household will need to sign up for their own Netflix account

– We read in the regulations.

whether, what if Means that Is it a definitive end to account sharing by people who don’t live together? not exactly. Netflix leaves a loophole here:

If you sign in to your account from a device outside your household or frequently use such a device, we may ask you to verify that device before you can use Netflix on it, or to change your Netflix household. By doing so, we confirm that the account can be used on that device

This means that people who share an account and do not live together They will be asked periodically to enter a four-digit codeWhich will be sent to your email or number Phone associated with the account of the primary account holder. This code must be entered on the site within 15 minutes.

You may be asked to check your device from time to time

Netflix explains.

Most importantly, the website regulations contain clear information that there is no mention of charging additional fees for account sharing – in the case of Poland – at this time.

Netflix will not automatically charge you if you share an account with someone who does not live with you.

– We read in the regulations.

How does Netflix detect if devices are in the same house?

We use information such as IP addresses, device IDs, and account activity on devices that are signed in to your Netflix account.

The site explains.

What about people who travel or change their place of residence from time to time? Netflix asserts that in this case “verification of the device used to use the Netflix service shall not be necessary”.

If you are not in your Netflix home for a long time, we may ask you to check your device from time to time. By doing so, we confirm that the account can be used on that device.

– We read.

100 million people watch Netflix without paying. The service has an ace up its sleeve

100 million people share accounts on Netflix

In April of last year, Netflix announced that z Account sharing feature The service is used by up to 100 million people. That’s nearly half of the more than 221 million active subscriptions. Reed Hastings, CEO of Netflix, admitted that the platform has always had users sharing accounts, but over the years of dynamic growth, the issue has not been “a top priority for us.”

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