Karolina Rosinska: I enjoyed cinematic successes.  Today he lives away from show business

Karolina Rosinska began her film career somewhat by accident. When she was 16, her friend convinced her to audition for the American film “Escape” just for fun. They both dreamed of an acting career, but young Hollywood filmmakers could only hire one of them. The choice fell on Carolina.

She talked about her beginnings in the world of cinema years later in Beljada.

My friend really wanted to become an actress and asked me if I would go with her to the casting of a foreign film. Then a group of Americans, Polanski fans, came to Poland. They were planning to shoot something. The film was titled “Escape.” It turned out that they liked me and chose me. I was 16 years old then. Now, when I look back on that period, I see that it was a wonderful transformation in my life. This is where it all started. I’ve been very lucky. She admitted that more and more offers are coming, this way, without casting.

When Marek Piłowski’s The Kidnapping of Agata was shown in cinemas across Poland in the summer of 1993, Karolina Roszyńska was hailed as the hope of Polish cinema. The young actress managed to defeat up to three hundred competitors during the acting process! Her appearance in the film “The Abduction of Agata” won the young star sympathy from viewers and enjoyed critical acclaim for a long time.

After the premiere of Piwowski’s film, literally all of Poland was talking about the teenager from Piotrków Trybunalski. Unfortunately, Carolina has often heard criticism about her acting and rumors about her alleged relationship with a director almost forty years older than her.

Later, at the invitation of her friends from the set of the movie “The Escape,” she went to the United States. In an interview with “Sada Donia,” she said:

“I only went for a holiday, but when I arrived in America, I thought I should taste another culture, understand the mentality of the people living there, and see their customs. I decided to stay… I went to university, so I could live there.” Department of Art History and I started a normal life.”

But after seven years, she decided to return to the country – where director Henrik Diderko invited her to appear in his new film. Rosińska took advantage of this offer and starred in the film “Bajland”, with whom she met Olaf Lobaszenko.

“I was supposed to do just one film, but I stayed for a year. I got into a new relationship and broke up my marriage” – she later admitted to the authors of the book “Where are the stars of those years.”

After her appearance in “Bajland”, Rosińska played in “Kojota’s Morning”, where she played The young and beautiful singer Naomi, with whom the comic book artist played by Maciej Sture falls in love. Later she made guest appearances in “Klan”, “First Love”, “Ojcu Mateuszu”, “For Good and for Bad” and “M jak miłość”..

In 2017, Rosinska moved permanently to the United States, where she stayed for several years She worked as a teacher in an English language school and gave theater and literature lessons in this language.

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