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The war unleashed by Putin in Ukraine has been going on since February 24, 2022. Since the beginning of the conflict on our eastern borders, Russia has lost more than 80 thousand people. Soldiers according to the accounts of the Ukrainian army. Recently, the Defenders of the Fatherland, who recaptured the Fatherland, have gained, among other things, an advantage on the battlefield. over Kherson and successfully repelled Russian missile attacks.

Experts from all over the world are talking about the war in Ukraine. There are also opinions of local politicians and people from Volodymyr Zelensky’s circle. Advisor to the Chief of the President’s Office, Mykhailo Podolyak, spoke about the course of the war on Radio NV. And in an interview, he admitted that Russia, in his opinion, “will face an absolute depletion of resources” by the spring.

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Zelensky’s advisor: “Russia will completely exhaust its resources by the spring”

Mykhailo Podolak expressed his opinion on the deteriorating conditions in the Russian army. He stated that the conflict may end in the spring of 2023. All because of the decline in Russia’s resources, which may soon be completely exhausted.

I want to stress that by spring Russia will see a complete depletion of its resources, whether it be Iran or any other country out there. He told Radio N.V.

The expert also stressed that Russia does not provide its army with the means to fight in the winter. In his opinion, this will lead to the fact that by the spring the Russians will have extremely low morale and their resources will be depleted. In addition, there will be conflict among the Russian elites, according to Podolak.

Zelensky’s advisor also noted that Ukraine currently has a “military initiative”, but the course of the war depends on many factors. One of them is military assistance from partners. Thanks to the support of the USA, Poland and Great Britain, Ukraine successfully fought off the Russian invader.

In an interview with Dear Standard, Podolak said that Russia did not propose peace talks with Ukraine, but rather issued an ultimatum, hoping to stop its operations in order to regroup and consolidate its forces in the occupied territories, Ukrinform reported.

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