On TV: Sarah-Jean Labrose proves you can work out while pregnant

Sarah-Jean Labrose wants to prove that you can work on TV while pregnant. That’s why she proudly showed off her round belly at Gala Des 38 on Sundayes Gémeaux was a gift when she was in the arms of her lover, Marc-Andre Grondin, three months after birth.

Actress, presenter and muse revolution She wore a revealing dress that accentuated her figure as a woman who gave birth for the second time in December.

“I see that funny We need to break the stereotype that pregnant women don’t work. We don’t see pregnant women much in our environment. I do it for myself, because I want to participate in great projects that are close to my heart, and I am in a privileged position: I have a job, I am healthy, I have a wonderful pregnancy. »

During the press preview this Tuesday, the two stars of the new series “Les Revoltes”, Pierre-Luc Funk and Sarah-Jean Labrose.

Mario Beauregard / QMI Agency

During the press preview this Tuesday, the two stars of the new series “Les Revoltes”, Pierre-Luc Funk and Sarah-Jean Labrose.

“Many female actresses or presenters will not allow themselves to show themselves pregnant for fear of not working or being invited. So I try to say: “No no no!, there it is!” We shoot pregnant, we work pregnant, and we go to Gemini pregnant! We all come from the stomach and have to come out of it at some point. There is something absurd about it. Don’t be afraid to look at potbellies and work with them! »

The next few months of pregnancy promise to be very busy for Sarah-Jean Labross. In addition to advertising RebelsThe first two episodes will be boxed on Club Illigo this Thursday, while the last episodes will be boxed. revolution And a new series she can’t talk about right now. He also continues to shoot new episodes of his series. Passion is dust She will be back bye bye.

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