“On the Iron Road” is here!  Today, a full-length documentary on Elava's railway history is being screened for the first time [ZOBACZ WIDEO]

They allocated 15 months to this project. Thanks to the efforts of local enthusiasts Piotr Baran and Thomas Kejstut Dabrowski, a full-fledged documentary film entitled “On the Railway – 150 Years of the Elava Railway” was produced. It premiered today – on New Year's Day – on YouTube; We invite you to watch!

Two people were mainly involved in the project: Piotr Baran and Tomasz Kagestut Dabrowski.

– However, without the help of Norbert Fujioda, there wouldn't be so many great drone shots – Says the creators of the document. – Karol Chołaszczyński also helped us in this regard. The range of people from whom we have received substantial assistance is very large and is included in the translation. Hopefully we didn't miss anyone.

Implementation took about 15 months.

– This is because we are amateurs and complete beginners in the field of photography, and this was compounded by recurring health problems that led to the postponement of the film’s premiere for several weeks – Says the authors of “On the Iron Road.”

The impetus for working on the film was, of course, the date – the 150th anniversary of the launch of the first trans-Iwawa railway and the fact that we currently stand on the threshold of investment on a similar scale, this time the first route, but which may have equally important implications that reach back generations. Numerous – construction of the S5 highway.

– We not only mentioned the history of the Iwawa Railway Junction, but also pointed to the future and looked at the matter from a broad perspective. There was also a thread of intense disagreement that accompanied the decision regarding the final form of investment – says Thomas Kegstut Dabrowski. -And this is something we still struggle with today.

– We also aimed to tell the history of our city in the most engaging way possible, with a coherent narrative and rich in historical sources. We believe the final effect will be satisfying for viewers, and the film will become a valuable source of information about this most important thread of local history that shapes the city – Piotr Baran adds.

Finally – after 15 months of working on the film – it worked! A full-length documentary entitled “On the Railway – 150 Years of the Iława Railway” was created and premiered on YouTube on January 1 at noon.

We invite you to watch with pleasure! – Encourages creative people.

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Video: YouTube/metalpico.

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