Poland’s neighbors face a huge problem.  “There is a risk of complete loss.”

The average temperature of lakes in Brandenburg continues to rise – warns the German Federal Environmental Foundation (BUND), also known as Friends of the Earth Germany. Experts fear that Brandenburg’s lakes will soon run out of water.

There are several reasons: the effects of climate change, excessive water consumption in the agricultural sector, as well as in mining, and on a smaller scale, in homes. The German media has been reporting on the problem of “disappearing” lakes for several years.

“If water use in agriculture, industry and households continues at current levels, it can be assumed that we will lose the Brandenburg Lakes entirely. Ultimately, we need to prepare for a savannah climate“- said the organization in its latest report on local lakes.

“Semi-arid climate” in Brandenburg

According to Friends of the Earth Germany, water levels in the Brandenburg lakes are constantly falling. According to the new BUND report, this trend is evident in the 79 lakes (more than 50 hectares) in this German state. There are notable declines in 15 tanks. It is estimated that the water level has dropped on average by Two centimeters per year.

Because of this ongoing phenomenon, the Bund fears that Brandenburg will be threatened in the future “Semi-arid climate”. Because of this problem, BUND is calling on the federal government to take urgent remedial action, including pro-climate action Changing water policy Federal state. “If global warming exceeds the 1.5°C threshold, There is a risk of complete loss of the lakes“- warns one of the largest German environmental institutions.

The decline in water levels in German lakes is mainly due to industrial activity, which consumes large resources of raw materialsButcher, Ulf / Travel Group / East NewsEast News

Poor water quality in lakes

Among other things, the water level dropped rapidly. in strussi, Larger Müggelsee oraz Stylishness. Water levels have also fallen in the Groß Glienicker See area between Berlin and Brandenburg. We can add to the problems of lakes in Brandenburg As well as the deterioration of the water condition. The BUND report shows that since 2010, phosphorus content has increased significantly, while oxygen in water has decreased.

Drought, which according to climate scientists is largely due to global warming, also has other causes. Bond believes that the agriculture and mining sectors contribute to the depletion of groundwater resources. In the report, the foundation also points out problems with peat bog drainage. Bond also believes that home residents waste a lot of water, for example when showering.

One way to address the issue of water resource depletion is to trade water rights – something like trading carbon dioxide emission allowances.

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