Olivier Jannek remembers working in Germany: Years ago, they called me Pewter

Olivier Janiak has been one of the most popular Polish presenters for many years. The host of “What a Week” in his latest Instagram post Back to his high school days. The former model admitted that he was one of the people who participated in the so-called student exchange. Later He went abroad to participate in competitions, as well as to work.

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Oliver Janik in pictures 30 years ago. “I earned in a month what my mother earned in a year.”

Olivier Janik published a series of photos documenting his friendship with a friend from Germany. This is the story I wanted to share with you, a photo and a memory. 1991, maybe 92. First photo of friends from West Germany. My secondary school in Krotoszen cooperated with the school in Deirdorf. We went to sports exchanges, competitions and joint sports camps. The second picture is a camp in France – we trained in the high jumpOlivier Jannick started his long entry.

It is to explain.

Olivier Gagnac, who was a teenager, became very friendly with the family of a friend from Germany. to the extent you wish They invited him on holidays and helped him find a job. For a journalist, money was unimaginable at the timeBecause he earned much more than his mother.

He remembers.


Olivier Gagnac with his friend from Germany Marcus

meeting after years. “Let me Peter”

When Olivier Jannick went to college and later became involved in television, their contacts were unclear. unexpectedly, Many years later, Marcus sees the presenter on TV and decides to make contact with an old friend. Their friendship has continued to this day.

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