Officially: Won promotion to the European Championship and… resigned

Jaroslav Silhavy resigned from continuing to lead the Czech national team after qualifying for the Euro 2024 Championship.

The 62-year-old coach took over as coach of our southern neighbor in September 2018. Then, in a relatively short time, he achieved very good results in the form of promotion, reaching the quarter-finals of Euro 2020 and participating in the highest division of the Nations League.

But later, the Czechs lowered their hopes and lost the play-off match with Sweden in the World Cup and were eliminated from the group of the best teams in the Nations League.

Despite this, Jaroslaw Sjelhavy remained in his position and successfully entered the qualifying rounds for the 2024 European Championship by defeating Poland.

At that time, it seemed that the way for his team to easily obtain a ticket to the German championship was open.

However, the reality was not rosy for the Czechs, who were not lucky until they won the last match over Moldova (3-0). In light of the alcohol scandalwon direct promotion to Euro 2024.

But achieving the set goal was not enough for the 62-year-old coach, who resigned immediately after the match.

Therefore, representatives of local football have some time to choose an important successor to Šelhavy so that he can begin preparations for the European Championship in March, where the Czechs are counting on more than just playing three matches in the group stage.

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