Nuclear energy is a green technology.  This is what the European Parliament evaluated

Nuclear energy has been added to the list of zero-emission technologies. This is what members of the European Parliament decided on the draft regulation aimed at supporting zero-emission sectors in the European Union.

The European Union must recognize nuclear energy as a green technology

It is true that the vote will not change the status of the nuclear industry overnight, which is largely regulated at the national level, however It represents an important political and symbolic victory for the nuclear sector – French media’s comment on the position of the European Parliament.

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I am pleased that we have been able to rank nuclear energy at the same level as renewable energy – in net zero technologies. All of these sources of energy production are essential to decarbonizing our economy – said French Member of the European Parliament Christophe Grodler.

Now the European Parliament’s position will become the subject of further negotiations with member states. They must take a position on including nuclear energy in key energy conversion sectors, alongside: solar panels, wind turbines, batteries and heat pumps.

The success of Poland and other countries

The initial zero-emissions industries draft (submitted on March 16) already mentioned nuclear power as a way to decarbonize the economy. TThe victory was the first for France and many other EU countries, including the Netherlands, Sweden and Poland, to rely on this technology. – Remember Agence France-Presse.

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