Don’t eat this.  Biedronka, Lidl, Action and Stokrotka urgently remove entire batches of food from stores

Auchan, Stokrotce Lidl, abka, Action and Biedronka stores urgently remove entire batches of food from the shelves. This is the result of the immediate feasibility decision made by the head of the Health Inspectorate. The latest GIS report is devastating. Food is contaminated with toxins and bacteria, and contains illegal substances. Therefore, GIS immediately ordered these products to be removed from store shelves and sent a warning to the customer. They should never be eaten and should be discarded, as they can be very harmful, especially food intended for children. Bacteria, mold and even glass have been detected in popular products. We’ve collected up-to-date GIS alerts in one place. The Chief Health Inspector issued new urgent decisions to withdraw foodstuffs from the stores. The results of the inspection were announced in the current report and are immediately applicable. The summoned items were mainly food, drink, and tonics.

Information on products that may be harmful to health is part of the activities of the Chief Health Inspector, which, inter alia, aims to minimize the effects of events that negatively affect the lives of Poles.

GIS تحذير Warning

GIS has issued urgent alerts regarding those products whose specific batches have been withdrawn. It’s food, nutritional supplements, and other nutritional products.

Messages and warnings about products are published by GIS because they contain substances that may cause, for example, allergic reactions, poisoning or even death.

The main health inspectorate is an institution whose mission is to prevent and reduce the negative effects of public health events.

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GIS regularly reports on products that do not meet applicable standards and may pose a health risk to consumers.

These products were called by GiS. You can return it…

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