Electricity price increase.  There will be an educational campaign to educate the Poles about the expensive current

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The cost of electricity is getting more and more. “The prices of some products may go up by up to 20%”

The educational campaign was commissioned by the Polish Electricity Association (PKEE), which represents the interests of the Polish energy sector, including companies in which the state treasury owns a stake. – We wrote such an order. We want to do an education campaign showing Poles how they can protect themselves from wage increases Electricity pricesIt is inevitable. How can they reduce their effects – he said in an interview with “RepublicMacyj Koo, Director of Communications at PKEE.

Sharp increases in electricity prices. How much will the bills increase? Calculate the expert

The educational campaign is preparing for the road

The campaign format is just getting started. – It was very difficult to choose a campaign contractor. The more specific and detailed our system is. We have been working on it for a long time, because we want to achieve a specific effect – explained Maciej Kość.

According to Rzeczpospolita, the educational campaign may start within a month. At the moment, it is not known whether it will be an internet-only campaign or if it will also cover television and the print press. – The Communications Director of PKEE said that the campaign idea would be presented to us by the agency we chose in the bid.

The announced educational campaign costs are confidential. – We don’t have an estimate yet. Expenses It will depend on the scope of the media’s participation – explains Maciej Ko in an interview with Rzeczpospolita. If the campaign goes to television, and therefore has a wider scope, then its cost will be higher.

Electricity meterEnea reveals details of electricity increase. “Increase the tariff by up to 40 percent.”

We will face an increase in electricity prices

As previously reported on Next.gazeta.pl, higher electricity prices are already certain. The only question is which one? the prices The Energy Regulatory Office (ERO) will approve. Energy concerns want to raise prices Stream, with the usual talk 10-15 percent. Rising prices. Meanwhile, Enea announced that it will ask the ERO to increase its energy tariff for households by about 40 percent.

As explained by Bartłomiej Derski of WysokieNapiecie.pl in an interview with Next.gazeta.plThe main reason for the increases is the cost of carbon dioxide emissions, which has risen to 55 . euro per ton (from 33 euros in January). In addition, electricity prices have also increased on the wholesale market, and for a megawatt-hour with assembly in 2022 you will already pay PLN 100 more than eight months ago.

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