Now new savings bonds are better than deposits?  It is worth investing in one-year and two-year Treasury bonds in July [17.07.2022]

Will the new type of retail bond announced by Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki and based on the NBP reference rate protect Poles’ savings from value loss due to inflation? Will the bonds compete with bank deposits where interest rates are starting to rise?

In June, buyers evaluated themselves, broke all possible records and bought previously unimaginable quantities!

Below are the results of the sale of savings bonds in June 2022:
3 months (OTS0922) – 1,012.2 million PLN,
1 year (ROR0623) – 5,684.5 million PLN,
2 years (DOR0624) – 1,321.9 million PLN,
3 years (TOZ0625) – 187.2 million PLN,
4 years (COI0626) – 4825.7 million PLN,
10 years (EDO0632) – 964.0 million PLN.

– 50% of bonds purchased in June are newly issued 1 year and 2 year floating rate instruments based on the NBP reference rate. Our clients received the change in offer very well, allocating up to 7 billion PLN for the purchase of newly offered bonds – comments Sebastian Skoza, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Ministry of Finance.

It is difficult to assess whether the interest rate on deposits is higher than the interest rate on bonds. In the case of bonds, it is clear: the interest rate is known, and you can enter the game without any prerequisites, with an investment of only PLN 100. Deposits may carry higher nominal interest rates, but first let’s get acquainted with the details for their evaluation: whether you need a bank account, at least how much you need to invest (perhaps not PLN 100 for deposits with higher interest). Above all, if we deposit for a year even at 6.5 percent, it will be for 12 months. Meanwhile, bonds bought in July in August are likely to carry higher interest if prices rise, and possibly even higher in September. This can be taken into account if someone is convinced that deposits, however, give more …

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