not this!  Fatal information for the Polish national team

Wilfredo Leon will undergo surgery on his injured knee and – according to Italian media – he will not have enough time to recover from the World Championships starting in August! This was not confirmed by President Sebastian Schwedersky.

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Wilfredo Leon

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The Italian website writes about the black text. It is reported that Wilfredo Leon will not have enough time to recover for the world championships, which start in August.

Let us remind you that the operation of the captain of the Polish national team will take place in Sweden, and the volleyball player will soon go through it.

“Wilfredo Leon has made a decision. After a medical consultation in Sweden with one of the leading specialists in the industry, the volleyball player will undergo a patellar ligament cleansing. This will be followed by a two or three month rehabilitation. Be prepared for the World Cup.”

These reports have not been confirmed by Sebastian Schwedersky. PZPS chief hopes Poland captain will return to world championships.

Wilfredo Leon will undergo surgery. I hope he will have time to grow up for the world championship – says Sebastian Schwedersky, President of PZPS, in an interview with “Interia”.

Watch the video: #dziejesiewspsport: They couldn’t believe it would work. The Polish Minister of Sports made an offer!

Lyon had a knee injury for over two months. One of the leaders of the Polish team played the season on painkillers. He also received treatments using electromagnetic waves. It turned out that the pain was so great that the volleyball player decided to undergo surgery.

“It is Wilfredo who will decide whether to have surgery or not. I think he will make a decision in a matter of days. We will see how long he will need to recover and whether he will have time to prepare for the World Cup,” coach Nikola Gerbic said recently.

The Serbian will face a difficult task, because Wilfredo Leon is the captain of the Polish national team. Its shortage is a huge loss for the White-Reds, who will debut in the League of Nations on June 7. The Poles open competition in Ottawa, Canada.

The goal of the season is of course the World Championship. Poland will defend the title and will also be one of the co-organizers of the tournament.

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