slag.  Unia won with Apator in the shadow of the judge's scandal.  Janusz Kolodzig is like wine

Apator was like a veteran boxer in Leszno. It hit when it had to be done. In round 13, he wanted it again, but the judge put the wand in the spokes, which changed the fate of the match. Onia with the great Janus Kudzig made up for the losses and won – 47:43.

Tomas Janiszewski

Janusz Kolodzig

WP SportoweFakty / Jakub Brzózka / Pictured: Janusz Kołodziej

Seven years to the last away victory against this opponent. Consecutive: 40, 37, 36, 26, 43 points scored in Liszno in the previous five visits to this city. Eight consecutive losers, including in Mtowarina. Fogo Unia is definitely an opponent you don’t like For Nature Solutions Apator. However, since the inhabitants of Toru managed to break the deadlock in the delegations at PGE Ekstraliga two weeks ago, it was necessary to continue the blow and hunt down other ghosts of the past.

The first part of Sunday’s competition has already shown that it will be full of interesting races. In the junior race, Krzysztof Lewandowski lost the lead to Hubert Jabłoński on lap four. In the third race, the leader was Jack Holder, who, together with Robert Lambert, managed to deprive Peter Paulke of illusions, and on the third lap he overtook Jaymon Lidsey from the outside and scored three points.

The beginning did not go as planned by Bowie Przyzbinsky. In the first race he didn’t close the indoor race and Jason Doyle used the gift, and in the race that finished with the first round he was overtaken by Janusz Kolodzig on the last lap. At the same time, Lewandowski, who returned from a break injury, did not cope with the distance, with a great start, but after a discreet trip he fell at the end of the field. Thus the Federation took the lead 13:11.

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However, I lost it immediately. All thanks to the duo Lambert-Patrick Dudek, who at the beginning of the second series gave concerts against David Biligo, who raged behind him. So, in sixth gear the clearly awakened Przedpełski, who boldly rammed into Pawlicki on the first lap, showed an exceptional ride, which Holder immediately joined and hit Apator again 5:1! The Bulls responded in seventh with a 4-2 score, but had it not been for Lambert, who offended Doyle, they could have won the double.

The track in Leszno, quite wet, allowed for fun and the players took advantage of it. The beginning and the first bend did not have to decide everything. But the hosts did not feel very comfortable on such a surface. They were severely warned and had to go to work as soon as possible. Aside from Kołodziej, it was difficult to find pros in their ranks.

The signal for attack was given by Pawlicki, who treated Dudek mercilessly and quickly overpowered Holder, saving his team with a draw in the eighth installment of the match. However, this did not bring much to the union, because while Kołodziej continued the concert, Doyle was still “in the woods”. The former captain of Team Toruń served as a background for the rivals. Furthermore, after Lambert made a conscious decision to leave Turn One, he disappointed Lidsey and Bell at the end of the third series.

The meeting was entering a critical phase and the possible abandonment of the introduction would mean a feeling of dissatisfaction for Abator. However, the Federation did not think to spoil the Sunday mood for himself and the fans. He defeated Pelego Holder in the 12th race, and Japonsky scared the Australian. Locals were hoping to get to the final equation just before the break. They managed it one hundred percent despite the judge’s scandal.

This wasn’t the first time Pauleke had been overcharged, which certainly took Doddick into the second turn in an inflatable ring. Just because of his amazing skills, the Team Toru rider did not fall off the motorcycle and saved himself from the fall. One must ask the question: If Pawlicki was not disqualified in this case, why did Krzysztof Meyze stop the race? With this ruling, the judge only confirmed that this year is a veritable mass of mistakes made by people sitting on the tower.

Despite the interruption and the opportunity to gather ideas, the people of Toru were utterly upset. Pawlicki was victorious in the penultimate race, once again showing the Lion’s Claw Billy, who outperformed both competitors from Toruń and this closed the question of victory. In the end, Lambert found a way for Kudzig’s super-fast and yet wine-like streak, and the brave Abator cut the size of the defeat down to four points.

punctuation marks:

Fogo Onia Liszno – 47
9. Jason Doyle – 3 + 2 (1*, 1, d, 1*)
10. Janusz Kolodzig – 14 (3,3,3,3,2)
11. David Biligo – 7 + 1 (2,1,1*,3,0)
12. Jaymon Lidsey – 8 + 1 (2,0,2,2,2*)
13. Peter Pawlecki – 9 + 1 (0,1,3,2*,3)
14. Damien Ratajzak – 2 (1,1,0)
15th. Hubert Japonsky – 4 (3,0,1)
16. kenan roe – ns

For Nature Solutions Apator Toruń – 43
1. Bowie Przydbinsky – 7 (0.2,3,1,0,1)
2. Jack Stand – 12 + 1 (3.2*,
3. Patrick Doddick – 9 + 2 (3.2*, 1*, 3, 0)
4. replace player
5. Robert Lambert – 13 (1,3,2,3,1,3)
6. Krzysztof Lewandowski – 2 (2.0.0)
7. Denis Zelensky – 0 (0,0,0)
8. Zack Cook – ns

Running after running:
1. (61,21) Dudek, Pelego, Doyle, Przyzbinsky – 3:3 – (3:3)
2. (61.80) Jabłoński, Lewandowski, Ratajczak, Zieliński – 4: 2 – (7:5)
3. (61.00) Holder, Ledsey, Lambert, Pawelecki – 2:4 – (9:9)
4. (60.53) Kołodziej, Przedpełski, Ratajczak, Lewandowski – 4: 2 – (13:11)
5. (62.06) Lambert, Dudek, Pelego, Lidsey – 1:5 – (14:16)
6. (60.75) Przyzbinsky, Holder, Paulke, Japonsky – 1:5 – (15:21)
7. (60.76) Kołodziej, Lambert, Doyle, Zieliński – 4: 2 – (19:23)
8. (61.39) Paulecki, Holder, Dudek, Ratajzak – 3:3 – (22:26)
9. (60.27) Kołodziej, Holder, Przedpełski, Doyle (d/4) – 3:3 – (25:29)
10. (60.80) Lambert, Ledsey, Bilgo, Lewandowski – 3:3 – (28:32)
11. (61.82) Dudek, Lydsey, Doyle, Przyzbinsky – 3:3 – (31:35)
12. (61.76) Pelego, Holder, Japonsky, Zelensky – 4: 2 – (35:37)
13. (60.95) Kołodziej, Pawlicki, Lambert, Dudek (in) – 5:1 – (40:38)
14. (61.71) Pawlicki, Lidsey, Przydbinsky, Dudek – 5:1 – (45:39)
15th. (61.07) Lambert, Kolodzig, Holder, Pelego – 2:4 – (47:43)

Judge: Krzysztof Mizzi
path host: Michel Wojczyk
Non-infectious: 60.27 seconds – set by Janusz Kolodzig (Junia) in round 9 – a new record
Starter pack: Secondly

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