Dinosaurs were already dying before the asteroid hit!  Here's what new research says

How did the dinosaurs die? So far, paleontologists have had one answer to this question. 66 million years ago, a large asteroid hit the Earth, causing mass destruction that took from our planet some of the most amazing creatures in history. However, recent studies indicate that dinosaurs had already become extinct much earlier.

There were already indications in the paleontologist that the great extinction of the dinosaurs began long before the asteroid impact. Some studies by paleontologists have indicated that during the Late Cretaceous period (the last period of the dinosaurs’ reign before the asteroid impact), larger creatures were already widely extinct.

However, this data was incomplete, Because it came so far from research done in North America. So it cannot be imposed worldwide. As a result, the great extinction of the dinosaurs was more closely associated with the asteroid that collided with Earth.

A breakthrough in this issue was made by researchers from the Institute of Vertebrate Paleontology and Paleoanthropology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. for the first time He conducted extensive studies of Late Cretaceous fossils that are not native to America. This gave very interesting information.

Chinese scientists have studied more than 1,000 fossilized dinosaur eggs found in a basin near Xiong City, Manchuria. Tested eggs were dated to the last two million years of the Cretaceous period, so they can be compared with data from America so far.

The results showed that most eggs came only from 3 different types of dinosaurs, two of them belong to the carnivorous group Oviraptor and one of the herbivorous hadrosaurs. In addition, several bones of species belonging to the tyrannosaurus and sauropod family that would have lived in those areas in the late Cretaceous period have been noted.

So the research showed that In the last 2 million years of dinosaur rule, only 5 species lived in that area! This is not the main idea of ​​\u200b\u200bthe last years of the era of the dinosaurs, when reptiles of different groups and species are still prevalent on the planet. This confirms the concept that Their extinction was already taking place before the asteroid impact.

Chinese scientists praised their discovery in the scientific journal PNAS and it has already caused quite a stir. This is not surprising considering It changes the narrative about one of the most important events in Earth’s history.

As new evidence is just emerging, this, when combined with detailed studies of American fossils, provides strong evidence to support this thesis.That dinosaurs are doomed to extinction, even without the help of outer space. Exactly, if not an asteroid, what started killing these creatures?

It is possible that paleontologists will turn to some theories from the past or develop already accepted theories associated with the impact of an asteroid. For example, the theory of mass volcanic eruptions that destroyed the global ecosystem. Or perhaps there will be more studies that will refute the assumptions of Chinese scientists. No matter what the future holds for paleontology, it faces a revolution today.

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