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– A week ago nobody wanted me to play – Bartosz smiled after winning the match 2-0 against Saudi Arabia Berezinsky. The 30-year-old defender was once again one of the best players in the Czeslau Mechniewich squad. Yes, Wojciech Szczęsny, Robert Lewandowski and Piotr Zieliński were the stars, and they did the most important work. But right next to them you can put Bereszynski, although he is not mentioned among the guarantees of a place in the starting lineup just before the World Cup.

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Regardless of whether in recent months we have analyzed a combination with three stoppers and swing games, or with four defenders in one line, we often bet on Nikola Zalewski on the left side. It is known that the Roma player has deficiencies in Game Defensively, he was the favorite of many to be put into Michniewicz’s starting lineup.

And Zalewski appeared in the squad for the match against Mexico, though not as a defender, but as a winger. In this role, however, he did not like, Mishniewich replaced him in the first half, and in the match against Saudi Arabia he was not allowed on the field even for a minute. On the left side of defense, Bereszyński played two full games and grew into the role of one of the most important players in the national team.

“He who enters his territory shall be judged”

– Its shape is a guarantee of security, certainty and peace for us. He is particularly impressive in duels where he is very confident. The very good second match in his performance – Jerzy Brzęczek praised Bereszyński on TVP Sport.

There was no exaggeration in the words of the former coach of the Polish national team. In the match against Saudi Arabia, Bereszyński won 4 tackles, used 2 tackles (most defenders), 1 interception and 2 tackles. Although Saudi leader Salem Al-Dosari and Firas Al-Buraikan were active on his side, who changed positions, Berezinski played more confidently and better than Matty Cash on the other side.

It was the same in the first match against Mexico. Although the Sampdoria player was often left on defense alone in the first half by Zalewski’s passive undercutting attitude, he did make some key saves and clearances. Bereszyński was not able to collapse either Hirving LozanoNor Alexis Vega.

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“He invites any midfielder to compete and whoever enters his area, he rules. Everything happens on his terms. He locked everything behind his back, winning the second game in a row the most duels. We have an absolute prop in the left-back. A right-foot pillar. He needs it.” Just to a goal or a pass – praised by “Beresia” on TVP Sport Jakub Wawrzyniak.

Dexterity was a curse

Berezinski and Warzyniak have one thing in common: in the Polish national team they are the answer to the lack of elegant left defenders. Wawrzyniak, who has already finished his career, has been laughing for years that he is replacing a player who is not in the team. And he’s similar now to Bereszynski, who isn’t even a left-handed player.

He was the main player of the Polish national team for four years, but no one ever treated him as one of the leaders or certain. Rather as an additional ingredient, Bereszyński became popular due to its versatility. prowess of a footballer, as a young man, Why Boznan? He was an attacker and only in Legia Warszawa did he become a defender, that was his curse. Can you play multiple positions? Then play the game in which you are not sure.

That is why Berezinsky rarely played for the national team where he feels best, that is, on the right side of the defense. Only Adam Nowacka and Jerzy Brzak saw him in the role. Previously, Bereszynski had just entered the team, and the latter eventually placed him on the left side more often than not out of necessity. On the other hand, Sampdoria’s Paulo Sousa envisioned as a right-half centre-back in a formation with three centre-backs. Having no sealing wax, the Portuguese also threw Bereszynski against the right and left pendulums, which was a complete novelty for him.

With Michniewicz, he was also uncertain

Even with Michniewicz, Bereszyński wasn’t a sure bet for a place in the starting lineup for long. Although he was a participant in the victorious play-off with Sweden and the Nations League first matches, when the selector switched to the setup with three central defenders, Bereszyński was left out of the first eleven. When we spoke a few days before the World Cup about defending the Polish national team, we exchanged names Kach and Bednarik And Glick, Kiwior and Zaloski at the same time. But it doesn’t have to be Berezinsky.

The Sampdoria player was also not included in the starting line-up for the general test before the World Cup, which was a 1-0 victory over Chile in Warsaw. Bereszyński entered the field only in the 46th minute, replacing Bednarek, and then the team switched to a lineup with four defenders and the selector seemed to have found the answer to the question about the defensive system. Four and with Bereszynski.

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In Qatar, Berezinski proved in both matches that it was a good decision. “I know my quality and I know what I can do. I had different moments in the national team, but in the match against Sweden I didn’t disappoint. Left back will never be my favorite position, but I’ve played in him before and he was good. Finally consequences Determining the rating, but I do what I can, – said Bereszyński after the match with Saudi Arabia. With a smile, and rightly so. He can be pleased with himself.

Just like all of us at his game.

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