Power also destroys science.  Lichocka about the fact that barbarians take no prisoners

Examples of barbaric acts characterized by complete ignorance and contempt for intellectual work Liquidation of the Republican Institute – Established by Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki to promote research in the field of Polish humanities and social sciences. The Institute was a state-governmental institution working to implement republican assumptions of state development – Polish state history, philosophy and legal science through analytical publications and conferences, as well as to diagnose a situation – I will put it in more than one place. General Terms – Polish Spirit and Identity. All this was and still is the need of the hour. Established humanities institutes and universities avoid such topics, and the leading idea in academia is to deconstruct the Polish myth and extract or even create black spots in the history of our country.

Therefore, the establishment of the Republican Institute in February 2021, the aim of which was to promote Polish humanities, was absolutely necessary from the point of view of the country's interests. It is precisely for these reasons that the institute was liquidated by the government of Donald Tusk. To provide an excuse for this, Donald Tusk and Jan Grabec fabricated a lot of accusations against the Institute in press conferences, based on half-truths and manipulation, which arose after the politicized audit of the Supreme Audit Office, which was carried out after 6 months of the Institute's work. Activities have begun. Most of them were examined, clarified and reformed by the previous government, but this fact was ignored.

It is worth doing justice to the employees of the institute who today face an incredible industry of contempt – here are examples of the activities of the institutions that Donald Tusk is hiding. In this short period, 107 books were prepared and printed. The publishing plan in the near future included approximately 90 articles. The institute's publications have been appreciated by the scientific world, receiving 7 awards and honors, 3 nominations in prestigious literary competitions, as well as rave reviews in the media. In 2023, for example, a monumental three-volume work on the Polish emblem “White Eagle” will be published. History of the Coat of Arms of Poland”, “The Great War (1914-1918) on Polish soil”. “Memory and Women’s Letters” and “Vistula Gulag”. Communist labor camps in Poland 1944-1956. More than 100 national and international scientific events were organised. Participated It includes scholars from academic centers from Poland, Germany, Ukraine, Spain, Italy and Bulgaria. The “Joseph Conrad Fellowship” scholarship program was established, and its aim was to create a space for discussion on important contemporary problems and challenges of the humanities. Starting in 2022, the Institute will award awards for distinguished scholarly achievements to scholars Those under 40 years of age who have at least a Ph. D. This should also include: holding competitions for young people, organizing educational exhibitions and disseminating knowledge about Polish inventors and scientists in social media and on the Internet.

The institute's liquidator was Edita Szostak, Director General of the Prime Minister's Chancellery, on whose behalf Halina Temczyzin de facto carries out activities. Paweł Gotowiec, a musicologist in his 20s from Bydgoszcz, was also appointed to help her, saying he was “from the minister”. inIt is worth remembering these names – the barbarian authorities use specific people. Since there are still a few allegations that justify the liquidation of the institute, since January it has been subject to a comprehensive inspection by the Supreme Audit Office in consultation with the Prime Minister's Chancellery. Everything that can be destroyed is destroyed. More books scheduled to be published in the coming weeks have been withdrawn from the press. Those who are in the process of preparing for printing are prohibited from continuing to work on it. This includes: Publications: “Terrorism rages. The first months of the German occupation in Gdańsk Pomerania”; “The Duchy of Warsaw: a leap into modernity”; “The First Partition of Poland in Light of Latest Research”. Sending items like: “Jan Zamoyski” to the printing house. “Times – People – Politics”; “The Jesuits. Science, Culture and Spirituality”; “Tadeusz Skowronski. About a Polish diplomat in Brazil.

In addition, there is a host of contempt and mistreatment of employees. The liquidators must address them as “lazy, exploited and unemployed persons”. The institute's employees do not know the timeline for liquidating the facility, nor do they know how long they will work for it.

In this case, you can find out what level the December 13 team represents. But I have a question that is not for them, there is nothing to talk about with the barbarians. I ask everyone who cooperated with the Republican Institute: Why are you sitting like mice under a broom? After all, silence means consent.

Source: Gazeta Polska

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