Next stop on the tracks to your destination.  Lech - Stal 3: 1 - - KKS Lech Poznań

12:30 at the Municipal Stadium at 17 Bułgarska Street, the start of the 30th PKO Ekstraklasa football queue for the 2021/2022 season, between Lech Pozna and Stal Mielec. We invite all Kolejorz fans to follow our traditional pre-match report and live from this match, at

voidLive report (before the match)

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void Defeated Lech Stal for the last time in Ekstraklasa on 3 April 1996 (2-0 in Poznan)
void Staal won 1 out of 10 matches in the spring (8 straight matches without a win, 3 in a row)
void Lech plays for the third win in a row, and Stal last won on February 12
void Unbeaten Lech Stal since her return to Ekstraklasa (1:1 and 0:0 on trips, 1:2 at home on May 1, 2021)
void Lech last played at 12:30 at home in the league on November 22, 2020, and with fans after 12:00 on March 25, 2000.
void Lech’s tally while leading 1-0 this season on two fronts: 21-2-0

10:50 – Good morning from the Bulgarian! In the pre-match report and next game of the season, straight from the pitch. Nice spring +15 degrees light breeze at once and clear sky. Just go out and play and get 3 points.

10:52 – The only drawback to this weather is the sunrise on your computer screen, so you can’t see much.

10:57 – void First pictures:


11:05 – The players arrive on the field. Soon the band.

11:09 – The first fans are already on the field. The expected attendance today is over 26,000.

11:16 – void Lech Band below. The configuration is perfect.

11:20 – The lineup is very similar to the one we’ll play in the final. Two young players should play in the National Stadium, Kaminski and Schlass are sure things.

11:22 – void Antonio Milic will be seen as part of the Eye on the Game series.

11:27 – One change from Steel compared to the expected lineup. They start without a token attacker, without a zawad.

11:32 – Right now, it’s half a pitch in the sun.

11:35 – void In the 21st century, Lech Poznan has so far started 14 official matches between 11:00 and 13:30, recording a balance of 9-3-2.

11:36 – This is the third game we’ve played this season before dinner. Earlier, at a similar time, we played in Skierniewice (2: 0) and in Krakow with Garbarnia (4: 0).

11:42 – Goalkeepers from both teams are out to warm up.

11:47 – void Kownacki, Ba Loua, and the endangered Skinś should pay attention to the cards today.

11:48 – If they win, Leech will regain first place for an instant. Later, Kolejorz’s entire eyes will be on the Rakow-Łęczna meeting. One should hope for a better performance by Guernick than he did on Wednesday.


11:56 – Less than 35 minutes into the game, there are a lot of traffic jams because of the coaches in front of the stadium. And on the field, both teams are already starting to prepare.

12:00 – 30 minutes:


12:15 – the warm-up is over. we are waiting.

12:21 – 9 minutes, the announcer reads the formations.


12:24 – Lech’s anthem sang, stadium nearly full.

12:25 – There’s a small group of steel fanatics in the visitors’ strip.

voidLive Report (match)

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void1 – 15 minutes

1 minute. Grams! Van der Hart will defend in the sun in the first half.
2 minutes. – void The loss is in our half, after which Stahl came out with a rebound and Stickczyk hit the net. Van der Hart did not intervene at all, he thought it would be an inaccurate shot. 0: 1.
5 minutes later, Lich rushed to attack.
8 minutes – void Balance at 0:1 loss this season: 2-4-4
10 minutes. – Lech’s game is not going well. The result surprised the residents of Poznan.
12 minutes – 1:1! This time Stal’s foul, the ball went to Amaral, who scored a goal by hitting it with his left foot. We keep playing.

void Amaral
void Isaac

15 minutes. – Unexpectedly aligned quarter of an hour. It shouldn’t be this way.

void16 – 30 minutes

19 min – Leech still can’t pick up the beat. He doesn’t play ball as freely as on Wednesday.
22 min – Lachtyon Stahl closed in the middle.
25 minutes – Poznan team claims 11 goals after a foul on Amaral. The referee orders the match to continue.
26 min – So far, the right wing has not been used much in attacks. Kamiński from Rebocho is more active.
28 min “A good shot, but very weak.”
29 min – This time, after an amazing feat, Pereira shot from the air, but not on goal.
30 minutes. – void More photos:


void31-45 minutes

31 minutes – GOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!! 2: 1! Ribbling on the left flank, Rebuchaux passed into the penalty area to Isaac, who turned the ball and shot in the middle of the goal, defeating Strechek.

void Isaac
void Rebocho

34 min – Lech is still attacking and creating positions. I’m starting to look better and better.
36 min – Skóraś missed a hit after leaving the winger.
40 minutes – void Aggravation how close it was after a good injury! Earlier, the skin danced well on the right side.
45 min – Lecce kicked a corner kick, after which Milic shot from the air over the goal.
45 minutes – until the 2:1 break. Poznan grabbed the tempo after 20 minutes and deserved to take the lead, although the score should be higher.
45 minutes – void

void46-60 minutes

46 min – start of the second half. Lee is in the attack.
47 minutes – void Cauldron hits the Steel goal after a corner kick! Fortunately grab a pod.
49 minutes – GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!!!!! 3: 1! After a good cross, one of the defenders headed in his own net.

void Rotation – alone.
void Kind

53 min Van der Hart stood bewitched again. He did not reach the match, his mistake was corrected by the defender.
56 min – Another good tackle by Satka in this match. Today he is more confident than Milic.
60 minutes – after the changes, Steel began to attack boldly.

void61 – 75 minutes

62 minutes – void Kędzior for Pereira. Kennedy has to dribble before the final.
66 min – The game is disrupted, Lech has given the lead.
66 minutes – void Viewers: 26,352
71 min – Two hits from Amaral from a distance.


74 min – How is that possible?! Lech loses a goal after a corner.
74 minutes – but stop. There is a video assistant referee.
75 min – No goal for steel.
75 minutes – void There are changes to that. Kownacki for Amaral, Kvekveskiri for Tiba, Ba Loua for Kamiński.

void76-90 minutes

76 minutes – void A card for Kownacki, he will not play at Gliwice.
77 min – Lech has completely abandoned the field and is playing the sparring game. Fans may be unsatisfied.
81 min – Poznan postponed the match.
83 min – A dangerous corner kick for Collegourts Unfortunately the shot was not on target.
86 min – An opportunity for Stahl on the right side of the penalty area. A Lynch came back on time and got spoiled.
88 minutes – void Their counterparts from Ba Loua and Skórasia, the latter, in 1v1 mode, missed! He hit the crossbar.
89 minutes – void Marchwiński to Isaac.
90 + 1 min. – Kownacki ruined another business.
90 + 2 min. The end of the game is back to us.
90 + 2 min. – Wonderful! Flogging in a one-on-one situation breaks the bar again!
90 + 3 min. – the end. Lech was hitting Stal 3:1, even though he was losing 0:1. The performance was poor again, but the score is correct. Lech has done his work today, we invite you for more information to the homepage, another live report on May 2nd live from the National Stadium, where we will play for TROPHY.


voidvoidRound 30 of PKO Ekstraklasa 2021/2022, Sunday 24th April, 12:30
voidKKS Lech Poznań – PGE FKS Stal Mielec 3:1 (2:1)

voidObjectives: 12. Amaral 31. Shaq 49. Aero – Sam. The second kick

voidhelps: 1:1 – Isaac 2:1 – Rebusho 3:1 – Thebes

voidyellow cards: Konaki – Dominsky

voidViewers: 26352

voidJudge: Stefansky (Warsaw)

voidTechnical judge: Throw

voidSide judges: Ares, Obokovic

voidVAR Rulers: Frankowski, Bunic

voidwhy: Van der Hart – Pereira (62 kudziora), Satka, Milic, Rebocho – Morawski, Thebes (75 Kvikivskiri) – Skeneke, Amaral (75 konaki), Kaminsky (75 pa-loa) – Isaac (89 Marsvisky).

voidReserves: Bednarek, Douglas, Kudziora, Kvikvskiri, Marchwinsky, Pa Loa, Filde, Ramirez, Konaki.

voidhard: Strączek – Chorbadzhiyski, Matras, Flis – Żyro (67 Klos), Kasperkiewicz (76th Granlund), Urbańczyk (58 Zawada), Getinger (58 Wawszczyk) – Sitek (67th Wrzesiński), Domazyk.

voidReserves: Primel, Granlund, Wawszczyk, Budziński, Kłos, Wrzesiński, Maj and Zawada.

voidCaptains: Isaac – Getinger

voidSettings: 1-4-2-3-1 – 1-3-4-3

voidcoaches: Skorża – Majewski

voidEye on the game note: Likes

voidgrass condition: very good (smooth grade)

voidweather: +15°C, clear, windy

voidplace: City Stadium (ul. Bułgarska 17, Pozna)

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