News from Mars.  Record-breaking ingenuity for height!

The ingenuity turned out to be successful. Initially, NASA planned only five drone flights. However, this mission turned out to be so effective that she had already completed nearly 60 missions. So far, he has covered a total distance of more than 13 kilometers in 106.5 minutes. He spent in the air. The longest flight was 169.5 minutes. It happened in August of this year. But in April 2023, the machine covered the longest distance, flying 704 meters. The last flight of the Ingenuity helicopter was on September 16, and was the third after a long break that lasted several months.

The Curiosity rover has been on Mars for several years and is still performing well. NASA announced that the machine achieved a very difficult goal, as it had previously witnessed three failed attempts. The car arrived The dangerous Gedes Valles mountain range Nearby is the huge mountain Mount Sharp.

Specialists had great difficulty reaching this slope. It took three years to determine a safe route, and these plans had to be modified due to failed attempts and obstacles the Curiosity spacecraft encountered on its way.

Gediz Vallis is a dangerous place created by rockslides. These were then affected by the winds, which shaped them into their current shape. Scientists believe that this is where we can look for ancient signs of Mars’ blue past, that is, evidence of the presence of water on the surface.

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