New Viral Video: Jada Pinkett Smith reportedly burst out laughing after being slapped

A new video, shot at the Oscars, shows Will Smith’s partner Jada Pinkett Smith.

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The footage, shot by someone who was two rows behind the couple, went viral on social media on Wednesday night. We see Will Smith return to his seat after hitting the host of the evening.

  • Listen to the comments of comedians Léa Stréliski and Mathieu Cyr on QUB Radio:

“Wow, Will Smith hit me hard,” Chris Rock said. This sentence makes Jada Pinkett lean forward and laugh.

“This is an angle that only a few people have seen. Look at Jada’s reaction,” ademakademiks wrote while sharing the video on Instagram.

The Pinkett-Smith duo have not commented on the new film, according to a gossip outlet. Page six.

Turbulent rock

Separately, another user-edited video highlights when the Oscar winner is on stage to present an award, after a few minutes of non-verbal language.

He seems to be even more embarrassed and shocked by this incident.

The video shared on TikTok by incesincerelyordinary focuses on the comedian’s face, who looks sad and awkward while holding precious idols in his hands.

“He was in a state of utter humiliation,” one Netizen speculated.

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