Corona Virus.  Distance learning in schools.  Czarnek announces changes

Education Ministry spokeswoman Anna Ostrowska told the Polish News Agency on Tuesday that during Monday’s meeting between the MEiN administration and the Central Statistical Office, three options were agreed upon, depending on the development of the situation. Ostrovska reports that full-time education may be reduced as a priority, depending on the decision of the sanitation services, which will be taken in the coming hours.

Minister Czarnik emphasized in a morning interview on Republica TV that the first factor to be taken into consideration when deciding to switch to distance learning will be the efficiency of the health service.

– There is another factor: the workload of the Ministry of Health and Safety with regard to certainly more infections in schools than it was in the third and fourth waves of the Coronavirus – the head of MEiN indicated.

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He noted that there are several options being considered that relate “to some extent to the transition to distance learning”.

– These are the variables that relate to the transition to distance learning, primarily from the fourth grades and above, and in the largest cities, in the largest concentrations, where this transmission of the coronavirus is at the highest level and generates the biggest problems when it comes to sanitation services activities – the minister said .

– Therefore, we are talking about how to reduce the possible negative consequences of such a large number of injuries in schools and in Poland in general, because it is not only about schools. The number of injuries in schools is not different from injuries outside of school, but it generates a lot of work for sanitation services – added Kazarnik. He stressed that a decision in this regard can be expected “in the coming hours.”

ZET Radio has unofficially reported that students in cities with a population of more than 200,000 people can go to distance learning. population. Grades 1-3 will continue with stationary study.

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Sources: PAP, Radio ZET

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