Anna Dereszowska will be born soon.  She admitted that it was not easy for her: I feel the hardship of this country

Anna Deriszowska Soon the third child will be welcomed into the world. The actress shared a heartfelt post on Instagram with fans some time ago. She admitted that she is mentally exhausted and in crisis. Now she gave an interview in which she told about her safety. On the one hand, pregnancy is a wonderful time for a woman, but on the other hand, it can give you a tough time.

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Anna Deriszowska on the hardships of late motherhood

I Deriszowska Since she announced that she is pregnant, she has not quit her job. Actress, in addition to preparations to welcome the world BabyIt’s on his head building a house. She posted a post on Instagram and revealed in the description that her family will be getting bigger any day.

before work. This seems to be my last vocal “job” before chopping – the actress wrote.

Anna gave an interview to “Super Express” and admitted that she was pregnant in her forties, and she felt a little upset. Usually an energy volcano, Dereczewska is now feeling exhausted.

I am a mother in my forties, but this is the moment in my life where I feel the hardships of the state I am in at this moment. I get tired sometimes, which is surprising for Anya Dereczovsky – she said.

an actress wormHer two children – thirteen-year-old Lena and six-year-old Max, are very happy that they will be able to prove themselves in the role of older siblings.

My kids are so happy that a new baby is coming into the world. She added that Lenka, who is an intelligent girl, understands a lot in particular and another member of her family is a truly unique experience.

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