Netflix withdraws an episode of Daughters of Caleb: Marina Orsini and Roy Dupuis are outraged

Marina Orsini and Roy Dupuis share the same anger: taking back an episode Daughters of Caleb “Makes No Sense” by Netflix. “Honestly, I find it ridiculous and I don’t agree,” explained the translator of the famous Emily Bordelio.

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We only see 19 out of 20 episodes of the series Daughters of Caleb On Netflix. The series, which aired nearly 40 years ago, was axed by the streaming service after its second episode. Because we see Ovila Pronovost make up his face in black to play a wise man in a Christmas show.

Roy Dubuis' blackface in the censored episode.

Screenshot, Netflix

Roy Dubuis’ blackface in the censored episode.

For the interpreters of Emilie and Ovila, wanting to erase history in this way is wrong on several levels.

“I was very surprised, explained Marina Orsini Register. I guess we scratch to scratch. I think they can keep all of that in context without denying in any way that the times, the beliefs, the ways of doing things are unfair. It’s been 32 years and we’re talking about a story that first relates our story at the end of 19.e century.”

The 55-year-old actress sees the scene positively as the youth represented the three kings in their ethnic differences, a time when shows were not much. He believes a cautionary note could have been placed at the beginning of the episode to warn the more sensitive.

This is what ICI TOU.TV has done and is also broadcasting Daughters of Caleb reality. “This project is presented as it was originally created and may have various social and cultural representations today”, we read.

“When it’s time to be angry and uplifted, I’m all for it,” added the actress. But there, I see it looking for errors.

Stories must evolve

“Sequence Daughters of Caleb A great story, this is Arlette’s novel [Cousture] An important story for our Quebec society, explained by Roy Dupuis. It presents a unique portrait, a beautiful portrait of our history; And this period is a part of it. Also, stories like these are what made us evolve socially. It describes how we progress as we have been.

The 59-year-old actor believes in doing justice to our history. He also sees this censorship by Netflix as disrespectful to the actors’ work.

Same story as the author Daughters of CalebArlette Costeur was surprised, shocked, and said she felt powerless in the situation.

“If we cannot reflect an era, we are not a good writer,” said the 75-year-old author who published History in 1986. I reflected the era! We will not change, we will not touch history! It’s a lack of judgment. I can’t believe it!”, she scolded.

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